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  1. Heiji and Shinichi: 35 Ran and Shinichi: 15
  2. Old fashoined Candies. These are one of my favorite holiday candies.
  3. French style Green beans. Ate it cold straight from the can.
  4. Heiji and Shinichi: 34 Ran and Shinichi: 16
  5. Heiji and Shinichi: 32 Ran and Shinichi: 18
  6. Well, I decided to put my screenshots of episode.1 on my fansite. I might think about sharing some screenshots here of episodes that has not yet have a gallery added to the wiki.
  7. Listened to Music, went x'mas shopping, read a few pages of Triple Pursuit, took some quick screenshots of Detective Conan for my fansite, watched Detective Conan.
  8. On My Mind: I'm taking screenshots of Episode 1 "The Big Shrink!" of Case Closed. I'm thinking about sharing them here later, but then again, I'm having second thoughts about it. The wiki pages have screenshots and a gallery of the episodes already. Might as well finish taking them. (Maybe I'll share them elsewhere. :/)
  9. Kaito and Shinichi: 1 Heiji and Shinichi: 29 Ran and Shinichi: 20
  10. I can see why you consider this the funniest anime. Poor kid. The scene made me laugh though. I think I have seen quite a few pictures of this show before years ago. I really adored the cat. As a matter of fact, I think I have them stored in one of my old mp3 players that doesn't work anymore. I'm glad I watched this. I've always wanted to know the name of this anime. As for me, I have three which I find quite funny. Well, Detective Conan can be quite funny at times, but it's not the funniest anime in my opinion, considering it's main basis is Mystery and Drama. 1. Baka and Test. (I remember watching this show the first time I got netflix on instant play back in 2011. It was hilarious. Actually, I re watched it last year since I found it soo funny.) 2. Galaxy Angel (One of my childhood anime. The video games and manga are actually more of an action, drama, and romance, but the anime has nothing to do with the story line what so ever, so most fans were driven off of it, so this anime has not gained much popularity sadly. It always cracks me up though, and the Rune angels are one of my favorites. I haven't watched all of the episodes of Rune actually, I just skipped a few volumes since Netflix didn't have all of the discs, and watched the last episode instead. ) 3. Hi-sCool! SeHa Girls! (It's very cute, and quite funny. It's not very well known yet, but it actually came out this year, and I have known about since it was first announced back in August or September, if I'm not mistaken. I love the main characters, they are very cute. And the SEGA crossovers are very interesting. I haven't watched all of the episodes yet, since I hardly ever catch up with the newest episodes which they air every Saturday. This is probably the only other anime I'm watching and keeping up with at the moment besides Detective Conan.) Though, the most funniest is probably Baka and Test. I haven't watched season 2 yet, though I have watched the first episode in Japanese w/ English subs a long time ago before the English dub was announced.
  11. You're Welcome. Good one. Detective Conan World's Bath & Body works fan.
  12. Moonlit Flower in Romaji. Nice. +1 Detective Conan World's Romaji and Japanese expert.
  13. I might have used some of those before. I think I have only tried the shampoos and and lotions though. Moonlight Path is definitely one of my favorites. It has a very nice fragrance and makes you smell like flowers. Cherry blossom seems rather interesting. Even though I rarely show it, I do like to show off my feminine side at times. (I'm a tomboy. )
  14. Detective Conan World's Phantom Lady and Katio Kid fan.
  15. I'm really enjoying the Bath & Body works Moonlight Path fragrance, shower gel, and body lotion that my algebra teacher gave me. She's such a nice teacher. Definitely one of the best. I understand algebra very clearly now, and it's quite fun. She always gives me stuff though. I don't feel like I should earn them, but I take what she gives out to be nice. I'm going to have to buy her some X'mas gifts over the weekend.
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