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  1. Macaroni and cheese, biscuit, and salmon patty.
  2. Played my piano recital (I'm actually quite proud on how well I was able to play it. ), School Work, surfing the web, watched Detective Conan and Hi☆sCool Se-Ha Girls. (<I rarely ever watch this one, but since it's CG, and since KEI works on the illustrations and such, it's one of my favorites and is very cute. )
  3. Avatar: 1/10 ( :0 :/) Signature: 10/10 (Too cute for words! )
  4. Detective Conan Hi☆sCoool!Se-Ha Girls! (I love CG anime, and the cute characters and Sega crossovers are a joy to watch. )
  5. Full Moon Crisis (I want to see you) - Hundred Percent Free
  6. Kaito and Shinichi: 3 Heiji and Shinichi: 26 Ran and Shinichi: 19
  7. I found out that the original Rudolph the red-nosed reindeer (1950s) was animated by Japan.
  8. Kaito and Shinichi: 4 Heiji and Shinichi: 25 Ran and Shinichi: 20
  9. Rice and Beans w/ Japanese styled bread crumbs baked w/ chicken. It was delicious.
  10. Haha. I was just thinking about that show today when someone else mentioned it. I'm not much into it, since I've only watched about 5 minutes through episode one, until I decided to shut it off. It didn't seem to catch my interest. vwv Bambino - Breakerz
  11. I've heard that they are making a live action series (film?) of Parasyte. Not sure if it has been confirmed yet though. Detective Conan (Was watching Detective Conan in Anime Club today, and one of these girls went up to me and said, "Omg! Is this Hunter x Hunter? Oh, wait... It's just Detective Conan. Never mind." *Sighs* Detective Conan doesn't seem to get much love over here. There are a few kids who said "I used to watch this show as a kid!", but they said that they don't seem to care much for it anymore. How sad. D:
  12. I have no problem with Kaito x Shinichi, but I perfer Heiji x Shinichi. (But I do like both pairings, but Heiji and Shinichi seems to make a bit more sense in a way.) Katio and Shinichi: 5 Heiji and Shinichi: 24 Ran and Shinichi: 20
  13. Kaito and Shinichi: 6 Heiji and Shinichi: 24 Ran and Shinichi: 20
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