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  1. As a big fan of the series, I love all of the characters. But, My most favorite character is Conan Edogawa. There are a lot of things I like about him. He's smart, good at acting (especially as a child. And not to mention, he's a pro when it comes to acting cute. ), I really love his seiyuu, Minami Takayama as well. She's actually been my favorite voice actress since Kid Icarus: Uprising. And I love his singing voice. Conan can sing very well. My others would have to be Haibara, Ran, Shinichi, Jodie, Mitsuhiko (the Detective boys in general, actually, but Mitsuhiko is my most favorite.), Sonoko, Prof. Agasa, Sato, Takagi, Yumi, Eri, Kogoro, oh and Yamamura.
  2. It's really good as I expected it to be. I like how they re made scenes from past episodes, and the CG looks beautiful. These scenes fit perfectly for this song. I like this. I loved all of Garnet Crow's songs. It's sad that they disbanded, but maybe one of them will make a comeback someday. I agree. Hope to see more of her songs in the anime in the future. Her and her songs are starting to grow on me. I really like them.
  3. I couldn't wait for the subs to be released, so I decided to watch it RAW in Japanese. I really enjoyed this special. It was quite good. I'm glad there was a lot of mystery in it. Gosho did a good job on this one.
  4. Ate breakfast, Watched Detective Conan, Hanged around here for a while, Listened to music.
  5. When necessary, I take short naps during my free time. (I took one yesterday, because my eyes were straining me due to too much time spending on the computer. I took one for about 30 minutes or so, until I woke up, and went back to my laptop to watch a few episodes of Detective Conan. )
  6. Hello! Welcome to Detective Conan World MikoDC. ^-^! Hope you enjoy your stay here on the forums. We have lots of fun here.
  7. The PV preview was released today for Kimi e no uso. It's actually really good. Not bad for Valshe. Here's the Detective Conan album cover for Kimi e no uso. ( I used a spoiler, since the picture is quite big. ) I hope the animation will be good for this ending. Lately, the animation has been getting a bit simple. Which, I don't really mind really, but I miss the CG effects and such for the endings.
  8. 君への嘘 - Valshe It's really good. Can't wait for its debut in Detective Conan.
  9. Detective Conan Magic Kaito 1412 Starship Girl Yamamoto Yoko (I watched episode one yesterday, and it wasn't bad. And woah, Minami Takayama's voice sounds more like her own voice in this. I'm mostly used to hearing her Conan voice. In this anime, it's rather light and soft. And I've could've sworn I heard Megumi Hayashibara's voice in this anime as well. Anyways, it's not my type of anime, but I might give it another try sometime in the future.)
  10. Avatar: 10/10 Soo cute. Signature: 9/10 It's a little oversized, but it seems to have the word "cuteness" all over it. I like it. If Conan was a theif like kid, this is what his signature would look like.
  11. The first HD episode is episode 284: China Town Deja Vu in the Rain.
  12. Oh, I only have three amiibo figures, but I own one, since my my brothers own the other two. Anyways, so far we only own Link, Kirby, and Peach amiibo. The one I own is Peach. I haven't used her yet, but I might today. We really wanted to get the Pit amiibo, but they were all sold out. D: Yes, I played Kid Icarus: Uprising a few days after its release back in 2012. Man, I forgot the last time I played it. I think it was over a year ago. It's such a great game. The first Kid Icarus game I played was Kid Icarus for the Gameboy back when I was a kid, and I loved it. (I'm not very good at it though. )
  13. Super Smash Bros. Wii U. I've been playing this game almost all day and all night yesterday. The amiibo figures are quite amazing and they look gorgeous. The first character I played was Pit. He's one of my favorite Smash bros. Characters next to Dark Pit, Peach, and Marth. The stages are really something. I love the new Kid Icarus stage, and the music is awesome. I get a little scared when I go to the Gamer stage, but it's fun at the same time. xD! I love everything about this game, and I can't wait for Mewtwo to be released in Spring. I'm going to have a whole lot of fun with him. (He was one of my favorites in Melee.) xD!
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