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  1. Haha. Maybe, maybe not. I wonder why I'm starving considering the heaps of food I ate last night.
  2. I wish headache will spare me today.
  3. Hah! The oldest phone I had is the one I'm currently using. :3
  4. I wish I'd stop assuming my sister wrapped in her blanket is a pillow.
  5. Mine's not a bit. It really is stuffy.
  6. I just realized I have a very hoarse voice right now. Speaking requires effort. T_____T
  7. I finally had an easy win in Bingo but hardly ever won anything in the games. The opposite of my Christmas experience.
  8. My minion isn't Zia's cousin. :3OF COURSE!!
  9. I keep a diary with my last will and testament. I update it every year.
  10. 11297 Someone who knows how the universe works.
  11. Dear Anonymous, Hahaha. You're wrong. New year, same me. Luckily, the improved version though. Signed, Your friend.
  12. HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE!! 2015, please be awesome!!

    1. Kirsch


      HAPPY NEW YEAR's eve!!!

      2015, I'll be watching you. Misbehave and expect lemons.

    2. phantomlady1101
    3. Kjeldahl



      It sucks :3

  13. ^Ouch. T___T So, everything faded eh? Not a memory of the old times?
  14. 11295 The more you love, the more hate. :3 If you dislike me that much then that must mean *shocked* Awwwww... <33333333333
  15. Dear sissies, Headbands. Seriously? Hahahahahah. I'm glad you know me too well. Love, Me
  16. Part of your World from the Little Mermaid. My sister suddenly decides to have a Disney movie marathon. :V
  17. 11293 Well, I am that poison. Poisonous potato, as they say. You can't poison a poison.
  18. Should I remind you again how friends could fall with each other? Cupid strikes unexpectedly and fast. Doesn't even give us time to dodge his stupid arrows. Nyahah..
  19. I libe in a place where your yesterday is my today. so, HAPPY BIRTHDAY WIFEY!!!! Wish you more happiness and love. Yours, Potato with baby potatoes. <3 ^_^

    1. phantomlady1101


      I don't really like salad :/

      I ate too much you :P

      Thank you ^^ Advance Happy New Year to you too :D and your family as well :)

    2. astraculpa


      Thank you, thank you. ^_^ Consider them your family too. Haha. Jk How is your New Year's preparation? :3

    3. phantomlady1101


      My preparation: homework undone -.-" The horror T^T

      Nah, but I went shopping and bought a lot of things :P

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  20. I was called a dolt more than I can count on my fingers and toes. I'm quite sure that is included in the "sarcasm" some random banana talked about. :3
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