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  1. The Lord of the Universe..and of the rings. :V
  2. I wonder why I'm sleepy but is unable to sleep
  3. Sorry to break the news to you, but divorce and annulment was banned. Banned for breaking up couples. :V
  4. 11264Woah. You even noticed that? Cool!
  5. NOOO!! my black hole is shrinking.*clutches chest*
  6. 999769 Then it's a matter of who has the strongest luck.
  7. Ants crawling in your skin. *shudders*
  8. Nahh, you will. Cause I say so. Luck might still love me when that time comes though. 999771
  9. 999775 Haha. Thanks. I guess, today's my day.
  10. And yeah, Ladem had become my wife. To those who are confused, please refer to Aadikudo's intro topic when I said "I'm the Lord of the Universe of the rings" and when she said in WOMM thread "I'm the Lady of the Universe." :3
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