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  1. In my country (Indonesia), it's so populer
  2. Oh... it doesn't matter. It's just my opinion Does my thread break the rule on this section?
  3. Hi guys, nice to see you again. By the way, everyone here have BBM (Blackberry Messager), right? Due this site has no chatting feature and may be bad if we share a cell phone number, so how about exchange bbm pin? We can talk more about everything even we can create DCW bbm group. If you agree with me, share your bbm pin here. Here is mine: 512827a9
  4. Watch out!! It gonna explode >,<

    1. Akazora


      ^me during every DC movie

  5. Sakurasou no petna Kanojou (: Most dramatic anime ever ^-^
  6. Make them as one. So, every visitor can cover every character either main character and minor character in one page
  7. Yooo.. I come from Indonesia too (:
  8. Oh... I can't translate it to my official language
  9. blackhiden

    Hey DCW

    Yooo... Welcome. You're my age dude. I'm 20
  10. Welcome to DCW. Yoroshiku. Well, Since you can speak English and Japanese, You can teach me
  11. Hai So, where do you come from?
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