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  1. yeah i think soo :) so how's tennis going??

  2. Jewel

    ummm i guess so...is it??you tell me???

  3. lol if you send me a plane ticket than maybe i'll visit you :D

  4. yes it is cus u don't like math

  5. i'm awesome like always :P and u can't even deny that ;)

  6. awesome like always what about u??

  7. Jewel

    the first time you listen to me :P baka jas-kun

  8. than u know how i might be feeling right now :(

  9. because i want to know where u are right now!!

  10. hii diamond!!

    @rey-chan what other jewels are you talking about? :P

  11. ohhh that's a long time ago but do you sometimes miss that place?

  12. Jewel

    well you are not!! deal with it!! :D

  13. you are from serbia right?? cus that's what writen in your location...

  14. heyy ren-kun!!! :D

  15. Jewel

    of course who wouldn't like kid <333 he's awesome

  16. heyyy kid \o/ :D what's up?? *gives a cookie*

  17. lmfaoo i thought it was the other way around ohh and i'm takeing back my high five than

  18. Jewel

    heyy like you are very intelligent/wise or something :P

  19. than u gotta make me some turkey for thanksgiving k?

  20. ouu than u are a good cook unlike me i'm really bad a kichten stuff :P

  21. awww thanks kaito-chan *eats the jello* yummy it tastes good..<333

  22. Jewel

    awesome like always ;) what about u, baka like always :P

  23. awww i love jello!!!<333 what flavour?

  24. hahaha your so funny :P (ohh and sorry for the late replay i was watching a video)

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