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  1. i like singing, being with my friends 8-) and i like enjoying my teenage life :-D
  2. opps sorry i mean BUNNY*

  3. ummm heyy BUNNT DETECTIVE :D can i ask ur real name?

  4. lol thankxx,XD and Bunny is pretty good too... i think u like bunnies a lot ^_^

  5. my hand r soooo cold...........i wish i had some gloves T_T

    1. Jewel


      but i was alone that time so i couldn't find someone :P...lol... any way now i already got gloves ;D thanks to BUNNY DETETIVE ^_^

    2. Cindy-Chen


      *gives gloves*

      LOL I went skiing with gloves, but my hands were SOOOO cold after skiing - they were numb, and I couldn't feel my fingers.

      They hurt too....T_T

    3. Jewel


      i know right...u just can't feel ur hands if they r numbed from cold :'(

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  6. thankxx ^O^


  7. of course DC then Eyeshiled 21, Bleach, One Piece :grin:
  8. ummm thankxxx Cindy-Chen XD

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