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  1. well there's no doubt that girls are better than guys lol :P

  2. Jewel

    ohh do you have any plans of coming to Canada? ;P btw what's your full name?

  3. what really?? you are awesome too and you are the only one who is as awesome as me (not more than me) ;P

  4. lol okay i do like weird people :P cus they are fun ;) ;P

  5. well yeah!!

    you are weird cus if i needed something really badly i won't have patience to wait for it ...

  6. heyy noboday's awesomer than me...you might be awesome but not as awesome as me ;)

  7. Jewel

    NO you baka... you can never kill me even if u try...

  8. lol than you are just like my sister she's in love with internet too...:P

  9. wow you can actually practice for 4 1/2 hours!! i can never practice for that long :P

  10. yeah.yeah what ever you think lol :P

  11. nooo waiting is no fun :( will u wait six years to get a thing that u really want??

  12. no problem!! lupin-chan :)

  13. okay w.e you believe whatever you want but i know i'm way awesomer than u ;)

  14. are you kidding me i can't even wait a month and your talking about SIX YEARS...

  15. Jewel

    yessss of course i'm happy...!!

  16. how much time will it take u to get a "decent job" :P

  17. why don't you sleep properly...than u won't feel that tired :P

  18. that's a big fat lie and u know it too... :P lol

  19. wow :o weren't you tired?? against who??

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