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  1. Of Course it's gonna end! But not anytime soon I guess we still have to wait for 3-4 years for that!
  2. I wouldn't mind seeing a few sneek-peeks of the next file, but not the whole chapter. I want to build the suspense for myself! *doubts whether thats gonna happen*

  3. You're right! Actually, I never believed that Akemi was the reason for the Akai-Amuro rivalry. I bet you that there's something more........
  4. Same here! I really doubt we're gonna have spoilers for File 800.........

  5. Whenever you're in a bad mood, reading a Magic Kaito or Detective Conan Chapter featuring Shinichi or Kaito always makes you feel good I've tried it~!
  6. Oh! You're online? Didn't realise...... hello! Wassap??

  7. I hope so too! The pacing of the plot hasn't been really good so I hope he makes up for all that! Can't wait to know the contents in file 800 :)

  8. I hope you manage to translate it :) Anyway, the file's gonna come out by tomorrow, so no worries. I'm thinking if there's really gonna be a BO development in the upcoming files coz Sera and Amuro and newly introduced and I hope Gosho doesn't spoil the fun by revealing things before it even sinks in!!

  9. Wow! That's interesting! I was just imagining the begining of file 800. I really hope that it's not much about Amuro's identity coz he has just been introduced and his presence hasn't sunken yet! I hope we don't get disappointed here, if Gosho doesn't do any great BO stuff in the upcoming chapters...........
  10. I think so. Chal, gotta go now, Bye!

  11. I think so. Chal, gotta go now, Bye!

  12. It was not a murder, Conan tracked the area code of Anokata's phone no to Tottori District.

  13. Go to this link:http://www.detectiveconanworld.com/wiki/Anokata First point in known info.

  14. Anokata's phone number tracked to Tottori District, maybe the BOs hide out or something....... but I'm not able to find that info in the wiki now, but I remember reading about it somewhere.

  15. Well, I just thinking, what if they are heading to Tottori District! (I hope that's the right name)

  16. Did you show the chap799 spoilers to your friend?

  17. Why Okiya? I have a bad feeling about Sera meeting up with Amuro!

  18. I am guessing that Elena is died and Atsushi isn't. I have read in some fan sites that Akemi may not be Haibara's real sister. And he is the boss of a huge crime syndicate. I doubt he'd care about his daughters. If he is really Anokata, then he is evil! He has harassed Shiho and Akemi. He is a ruthless dad. But now, after Chekhov pointed out that Haibara never said anything about her parent's bodies, I have started to doubt that he is Anokata. But as of now, this is my theory.
  19. Looking at the spoilers of Chapter 799, I have a feeling that Sera might know Amuro. They haven't met yet, but it's just a gut feeling. And Gosho has created so much suspense for chapter 800! Sera, Amuro and Okiya are heading toward Conan! It will be amazing to see the BO involved in this case.....!

  20. Most welcome :) What do you think?????

  21. I don't think Amuro's gonna be a side character! He HAS to be Bourbon!!! And I not suprised you found my gender :P Shivaa told you?

  22. Amuro is most probably gonna end up being Bourbon. But I wonder whether it's gonna be revealed now coz he has just been introduced. I think it's gonna be more about Scar Akai and Sera........

  23. Thanks a lot! So much suspense....... gosh! Can't wait for Chapter 800.
  24. No spoilers coming out this week :( Looks like we have to wait for DCTP to release it..........

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