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  1. hey guys! It's been a while! hahaha It happens that I have posted here that I'll be out by a week or two, but it seems that I had been out by a year or more. whew.! what changes happened here by the way?! hahahaha

  2. So, how are you?

  3. oi sali ako sa groups sa fb!!! anong ita-type ko sa dearch engine?! :grin:
  4. Thanks for the birthday wish!

  5. hahaha! ang cute!!! gusto ko din gumawa nun! but it's not my style! loooool! :mrgreen:
  6. hahahaha k lang un hehe, ako nag-countdown ako ng one month para hindi ko malimutan eh, hahaha :mrgreen: natatawa ako hahaha, nag-online lang talaga ako nung may 4 para lang batiin siya, hahahaha :grin:
  7. Welcome to DCW!!! :)))

  8. Happy Birthdaaaay! :)))

  9. Happy Birthdaaaay! :)))

  10. Happy Birthdaaaay! :)))

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