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  1. hey guys! It's been a while! hahaha It happens that I have posted here that I'll be out by a week or two, but it seems that I had been out by a year or more. whew.! what changes happened here by the way?! hahahaha

  2. So, how are you?

  3. harrieth.dc

    Filipino Classroom and Chatroom

    oi sali ako sa groups sa fb!!! anong ita-type ko sa dearch engine?! :grin:
  4. harrieth.dc

    Filipino Classroom and Chatroom

    hala! bakit ganun?!
  5. harrieth.dc

    Word Association [Forum Game]

    Mcdonald's! :mrgreen:
  6. Thanks for the birthday wish!

  7. harrieth.dc

    Filipino Classroom and Chatroom

    hahaha! ang cute!!! gusto ko din gumawa nun! but it's not my style! loooool! :mrgreen:
  8. harrieth.dc

    Filipino Classroom and Chatroom

    hahahaha k lang un hehe, ako nag-countdown ako ng one month para hindi ko malimutan eh, hahaha :mrgreen: natatawa ako hahaha, nag-online lang talaga ako nung may 4 para lang batiin siya, hahahaha :grin:
  9. Welcome to DCW!!! :)))

  10. Happy Birthdaaaay! :)))

  11. Happy Birthdaaaay! :)))

  12. Happy Birthdaaaay! :)))

  13. harrieth.dc

    What Was the Last Song You Listened To?

    someone like you - adele