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  1. Hmm. Shows with so many possible theories but only has quite a few clues. Oh wait, that's what DC and PLL have in common. \o/
  2. Third ep of SAO and am already crying, wonder if I can survive the whole thing. O:

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    2. Lovestruck
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      You can do it Rose!

    4. Rukia Kurosaki

      Rukia Kurosaki

      I'd make a spoiler joke about character survival, but I only watched episode 1 xD

  3. Fact: I like Topaz's new name. Bonus Fact: Looking at it makes me hungry. Another Fact for Topaz: ILL NEVER LIKE OATMEAL COOKIES.
  4. The thing I most fear happened. I talked during my sleep. Who knows what top secrets I let out last night. This has been on my mind all day.
  5. Ugh, he's so beautiful. ^ And I've watched frozen :3
  7. @Ezzie: No, I meant the girl in your sig. OF COURSE YOU WHOM ELSE WOULD IT BE <\\\3333333333
  8. Missing the person above. That's what's on my mind.
  9. Very interesting, indeed. ON ROSIE'S/DIANNIE'S WICKED PERVERTED (But not always) MIND: President Snow reminds me of that old evil man in Code Geass, what was his name? Charles, I believe? What? They resemble each other.
  10. I never tell anyone to shut up it's mean :<
  11. Thank you, Thank you. *bows* <3
  12. Is it really unitentional? C: Anyways, I'm renaming myself Dianna. <3
  13. Kid. You're just epic. No, you're more than that. But no words describe how epic you can be sometimes. Most of the time, to be exact.
  14. Paul walker can't be dead. You all are lying. He's alive somewhere working on F&F 7. HE CANT JUST DIE LIKE THAT ITS NOT POSSIBLE. ;__________; HE'S STILL TOO YOUNG AND BEAUTIFUL LIKE WHY WHY HIM ?!
  15. Roses are red. Violets are blue. It's called 'Catching Fire' not Hunger Games 2.
  16. Why purple? I like pink. DCW's person with the most amazing sig. ^ it's long, but it's definitely true.
  17. I've done so well in midterms. I'm so happyyyyyyyy <333333333
  18. Oh I see, I thought so, kid. And yes I am sure :V Only thing annoying about children is when they want your phone. And when they wake up in midnight crying so loud that you think your ears are going to bleed.
  19. Yes, I won't say/type anything unless am sure of it :V Are you saying yeah right as in 'Yeah right' or yeah right as in 'Yeah right' it's up to you on how to understand this.
  20. I know it's not that horrible but I still do not want to see it OMM: I just realized that with all children no matter how old they are I still do communicate with them in their weird child-like language even if they don't speak it themselves, I just got used to it. Children are reallyyyyy cute <3
  21. ... =X I do not want to see that.
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