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  1. My favourite movie is none other than the 16th one. I would recommend every one to watch the 16th one.
  2. If Detective Conan Wants To Get Dub In Any One Language , And You Were The Chief Adviser , And Were Told To Decide A Language In Which It Should be Dubbed. WHICH ONE WOULD YOU CHOOSE ????????
  3. Which is your favourite detective conan movie is it the 6th or 5th or is it the 16th. Reply as soon as possible to be continued........
  4. 1> Undoubtedly DEATH NOTE because the story is short sweet. 2> Detective Conan because I just like Shinichi And Conan. 3> The 3rd one is Bleach I really like the idea of Shinigami. 4> One Piece because I like the Story relatred to Treasure. 5> FMA
  5. Hey So which one is your favourite Anime Movie It can be from any Anime (Naruto,Naruto Shippuden,Detective Conan,Bleach etc......) Also Suggest A Name Of Any Anime Movie Which You Think I and all others browsing this page should watch. Also A Anime Movie Which Would Be Recommended Not To Be Watched.
  6. No Doubt 16th one is the best - The Eleventh Striker At 2nd No. it's the 6th one - The Phantom Of The baker Street
  7. 1> English 2> Marathi 3> Hindi
  8. Hrushikesh

    The Best Anime

    Hey !!!!!!! Which Is The Best Anime Acording To You 1> Naruto 2> Naruto Shippuden 3> One Piece 4> Death Note 5> Bleach 6> Full Metal Alchemist OR 7> DETECTIVE CONAN PROVIDE APPROPRIATE REASONS
  9. Well If You Want A Happy Ending, The Answer Will Be Edogawa Conan Returning To Shinichi Kudo BUT A Sad Ending Would Be Just The Opposite Let's See What's Happen BUT One Truth Will Always Prevail !!!!!!!!!!!!!
  10. I think Shinichi Would End Up With Sonoko Suzuki
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