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  1. I read most your opinions here and I am of tired . Someone said that " it is great though of all the anime that he watched he wouldnt considered it also to be the greatest" so in short you cannot really say that theres a greatest or the best anime of all time. But heres the thing in all genres in the world like sports, showbiz,movies and even the the most corrupt politician theres all that and thats normal , in basketball its debate as of now is on Jordan or Lebron , in soccer its messi and ronaldo maybe in movies superman and batman series but in anime you cant even consider DC to be the greatest oh! Shut up DC for sure to be a candidate for GOAT ANIME SERIES . In the first place what anime is the greatest Death note? Naruto? One piece and even Fairy tale......all the comments here said that DC is their favorite but the also said that it cannot be atleast considered to be one of the greatest. Oh come on i bet your just another animefan from different galaxy. My point is NO ANIME WILL NOT BE THE BEST IF DETECTIVE CONAN IS NOT PART ATLEAST IN THE DEBATE. Some say that its too long , that some part of is boring maybe you just dont understand (maybe your just a love genre anime lover ) that DC is too long because many INTELLIGENT PEOPLE want to watch , its just that it cannot run for atleast 20 years now that no fans want to watch it. For Death note fans ( I also watched deathnote so im not a hater in fact i was delighted that its condidered numer 1 ) death note but if u at its story its more like a mind game like DC =it has one fantasy which is the death note obvoiusly while DC has also only one fantasy Conan itself ( oh i forgot thats 2 fantasy for dnote its the second L , a crybaby who can control the FBI oh come on u its a fantasy) = the rest is history on Dnote ( the story , action scenes , love story and even the graphics) in DC also the same but the fact that it has a greater story , gretaer plot and greater love story (ShinichixRanxHaibara) and i can Greater graphics bcause Dnote only last a year while DC has just beaten the series of Naruto (which btw my 2nd fav anime) Sorry for all Dnote fans , what i want is that DC should be given respect if Dnote is number one ANIME then DC should be THE number BEST ANIME. AND FOR ALL THE COMMENTS HERE THAT DONT SAY DC CANNOT ATLEAST BE CONSIDERED THE GREAT , FUCK OFF JUST WATCH FAIRYTALE FOREVER BECAUSE IT HAS NO FANTASY AT ALL , ITS FULL OF REALITY THAT U CAN USE IN YOUR DAILY LIFE LIKE THAT TALKING FLYING CAT HAHAHA
  2. DC is the anime I consider the best am I right?.....Yes , why? DC is the anime i know that depicts realistic future human tragedies like the Black Org usedbto be on the show plus it has but one fantasy invovled it is when Kudo turns into a kid. Any more?
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