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Found 12 results

  1. Ysabet


    Hey; old fan/fanfic writer, returning to old haunts. It's good to be back!
  2. Kon'nichiwa, minna-san Hi everyone. I am currently a 15-year-old who has grown up watching Detective Conan. I'm from England and it's nice to meet fans from this fandom.
  3. ~Hello Fellow Detectives~ I'm SliverBullet and This is basically my Introduction...I'm here to talk and discuss latest content of Detective Conan Anime and Manga Series! I'm up for any content or discussions! We I'm can figure out Mysteries Together and get along great I hope! Anyways I love Detective Conan I hope we can make great Theories together! ~Sliver Bullet~
  4. Hi Detective Conan Fans. I started watching Detective Conan on television every day after school when I was 9 years old. I fell in love with this fantastic anime and 2 years ago I decided to start watching it again from the beginning. I'm currently at the Clash of Red and Black saga. I can't wait to become part of this community!
  5. Hi everyone! I first learned about Conan when I was 7 years old and I've been a fan ever since. When our local television stopped airing DC, I have tried catching up online and thru manga. Shinichi was actually my first love (not even real person lmao). I was a huge superfan that I told myself before that I will become a detective when I reach 17 years old (just like Shinichi), or at least a forensics person to help a detective like Shinichi. None of it happened, though. HAHAHA. I'm now 23, finished Biology and currently taking up my Masters in Genetics. I am currently working in a scientific laboratory. I didn't know I'm gonna grow up to be like Haibara =)) maybe deep inside my life goal was to find an antidote for APTX4869! haha just kidding. I know I'm too old for this anime/manga, but catching up with the episodes still brings me so much fun and excitement. I just hope that Gosho would speed up the main plot, though. It's been almost 2 decades and they are still stuck at the same age!! And there's no major progress with the Black Org. I'm glad I found this forum. Nice to meet all of you!
  6. I'm just a Conan-nut, but I also do dig Monmusu and cute echhi-harem anime,(so plz don't judge me.)
  7. Hi, everyone! I'm new here and just wanted to say hello. I found out about these forums through Google+ and have been reading the forums for a while. ​
  8. Konbanwa minna-san! My name is Berl and im from Philippines.. Anyone who's from my country? Hehe. It's so nice being here, i got to know new updates about my first love anime. <3 About Detective Conan, i havent been able to read the manga since our city is as small as a pebble, no manga shops anywhere. I have only watch the anime and im currently on EP 720 and have watched all the movies. I am in love with Kaitou Kid, since he is so cool.. Haven't watched his own anime yet, but i will. Hihi. btw, im a 92liner, you may think it is not old, but it really is. Haha! Omo~ i dont know how to introduce myself, so please, anyone, ask me anything and i'll be glad to answer you all.. Again, it's nice to be here, i hope people here are welcoming as it is. And please take care of me. Let's all be friends! i do NOT bite, rarw!
  9. Hi :3 I'm new to this forum and I started watching conan 9 years ago and stopped but watched still saw them here and there but over the past week I began falling in love with anime again, and then now I'm a huge Conai shipper <3 My fav anime pairings: 1. Conan x Haibara- just perfect, 'nuf said 2. Eremika- scarf- the cutest thing ever and reminded me of Conai 3. all the other animes I've ever seen for pairings <3 I love anime but on the Internet Takahashi Minami takes up my life x3 I love Minami, she's perfect in every way and I love every single pairing that I ship with her more than anything. Variety programs- I've seen 99% of the programs she's been on since being a fan. If I could see her, I'm sure I would cry. I'm a girl and I squeal over guys, Minami is my baby <3 I really hope that one day her dream of becoming a successful solo singer will come true. The day she passes a million sales in a month, I will quit the fandom, until then I promise to be a fan. My tumblr blog- http://chibi-midgetlove.tumblr.com/ I love music, jap songs I will know more than english songs even though I live in a country that speaks english. Fanfiction is my drug. And I LOVE FOOD
  10. What I LOVE ABOUT DC. • I love mysteries. • Like kjeldhl said "It's much better than other animes where people keep on fighting, do a spin and blast a city into oblivion and things like that.." HOHO I Agree! • I love SH and idol ko tlga si Irene. • I know its a bit weird but i really like murder, Assult, Gangs(Durarara!), Internal organs (bloody), vampire love stories, where you investigate.. Inspired as i watch this American TV Shows, like: ---> CSI: Miami, ---> Body of Proof (like the job of Forensics), ---> Bones (Osteology), ---> Grey's Anatomy (Surgeons), ---> Elementary (Modern Sherlock H.) and ---> Sherlock TV Series.. (Based on the novel of the beloved author Arthur Conan Doyle) • Lastly, I LOVE ANIME and Japanese Culture. "Detectives are also human, not God who knows everything."
  11. Hi friends! I guess the easiest thing we all have in common is that we're all Meitantei Conan fans. I love Kudo, Ran and Heiji. My favorite episodes are Kogoro Mori, Suspect and the Desperate Revival arc. I also like lots of other anime and manga (I collect both manga and anime for Conan), from Katekyo Hitman Reborn to Cowboy Bebop, I love Japanese idol groups like Johnny's, H!P and AKB48, groups like Yuzu, EXILE, Mr Children, Breakerz, Golden Bomber, World Order..artists like Fukuyama Masaharu, Namie, TMR, errr, too many artists and groups to name in Japanese pop and rock and Mandopop. I'm a fan of Japanese dramas and Taiwanese dramas, I do also watch some K-dramas. Umm, what else? I live in the USA. Glad to meet you all!
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