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  1. I think neither the purpose of APTX project nor the computer program is the BO's final goal. Even if they really wanted immortality or to raise the dead, it was not their true intention. You have to be immortal TO DO SOMETHING.... You wish to raise the dead TO DO SOMETHING... What could that "Something" be ? World-domination ? Terrorism ? "Reset the humanity" ????
  2. It would be a little boring if the Boss turned out to be a character not yet introduced (though the possibility of it is quite high ) Though the boss' identity-related information has been mentioned in some form, I doubt that Gosho would do something so openly such as naming that person or letting the character talk about him/her. It might be some kind of code-like hint or something like that. I also think that his/her identity is closely tight to the song "Nanatsu no ko".
  3. During the "Ayumi's Kidnapping Case", Okiya has been listening to Conan and Ai's conversation. Had he really been Bourbon, he would have killed Conan and Haibara (and Agasa, DB, Kogoro....) right after he knew that they had known about the org., let alone recognizing that Ai is Sherry.
  4. I mostly read it in DCTP.
  5. About the age-differences, we haven't known exactly how old Gin really is. Though he looks like a he's in his 40's or 50's, Gosho's drawing style does fool us sometimes. I personally don't think he is that old. And with all these shrinking/non-aging/immortality/undead/disguise/make-up/plastic-surgery things going on, I say we ignore the characters' age if we don't wanna get a headache I think it is strongly hinted that they had a romantic/s*xual relationship in the past. Though I'd like a serious love affair rather than just sex and such. It is quite interesting for a person like Gin to have been loving someone
  6. But I AM really scared LOL :lol: :lol: Anyway, thanks for greeting !
  7. Hi everyone ! I'm new here . My name is Black Demon. I am male btw . You can just call me "Black" or "Demon" for short. I've been reading DC since I was 7 years old, and now I'm already 18 (such a long time, isn't it ?). I'd love to discuss all things about Conan and not about Conan with everyone.
  8. I would like to say Anokata (who ever he/she is). Leading a whole organization like that is not an easy work. Though I know that Conan will destroy him/her one day
  9. I voted Okiya (he's smart) and Yusaku (he's smart AND rich) LOL I also voted K. Kuroba.
  10. I sure hope it's NOT something like this: Detective Conan File 1000+ "spoiler" Conan (confronting Vermouth): So, answer me ! Why don't you age ? Vermouth (takes out a cigarette): Sorry, I cannot tell you that. A secret makes a woman woman... Conan (serious face): I said, answer me ! Vermouth (fires the cigarette): So you really wanna know the truth, huh... ? Conan (waiting): ...... Vermouth (smoking): ....... Conan: ......... Vermouth: ...... Conan: ....... Vermouth: ...... Conan: ....... Vermouth: I just don't age... Conan: EEHHHHH !!!??????????
  11. I don't know how a computer program could help bringing immortality and such... Maybe it's just a process in achieving the organization's goal.
  12. It's not likely that she had plastic surgery There seems to be no point in doing it anyway. Don't call me crazy but I chose the "undead" possibility. Though it hasn't been made clear, but the woman with the "cat issue" might be Vermouth. If I'm not mistaken, then she said something like: "We can be both God and The Devil, since we're trying to raise the dead against the stream of time..." Although she might be talking about the BO's goal, I highly think that she was also complaining about her own situation. If Vermouth really took APTX4869, somehow I got the feeling that her drug was much more "advanced" than the version which Shinichi and Shiho took. But no one in the BO knows that Sherry used APTX to commit suicide/to escape. Though I think that she has already suspect Haibaiba being Sherry even since that case.
  13. I think when all this things are over, he'll definitely miss his memory being Conan. I have written a DC horror fan-fiction about this topic. Many years have past since the BO was destroyed. Shinichi returned to his own-self. He eventually married Ran and had kids. He is enjoying his fame (for defeating the organization), his fortune, and the happiness he has with his family. Everything go smoothly, until one day, when he sees Conan's ghost standing in his dark bedroom, staring straightly at him. (Conan's face is covered in blood). Since then, the hallucinations just keep coming and coming (which is described in detail in my fan-fiction)...
  14. I like Vermouth and only her. Because of her mysterious personality.
  15. I highly think that he is Sharon's husband (if that person really exists and not Vermouth in disguise). But he may also has another identity that we haven't known yet.
  16. ">15 years" is nearly the same as "never", for a manga :-(
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