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What did you dream of Last Night?

Dreams and Nightmares  

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  1. 1. How often do you dream?

    • Every Day
    • A few times a week
    • A few times a month
    • some times in a year
    • Never
  2. 2. What type of dream did you have last night?

    • a Really Awesome dream
    • an Average dream.
    • a Strange dream
    • a Nightmare
    • Can't Remember/ Didn't Dream/ Don't really care/ Don't want to say
    • Other category

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All I remember is that there were blood thirsty, humanoid extraterrestrials that had weapons for some reason, these life size geisha doll that moved every once in a while, and that this kid I went to grade school with was there and was being really salty while giving me a tour of the like shelter/school we were in with a bunch of like middle school age kids. (there were ≤12 year olds everywhere) The color scheme was really weird too like if you've ever gone glow in the dark mini golfing, it looked like I was inside one of those but there was a disappointing lack of mini golf and an unfortunate surplus of loud, not quite yet adolescent children. 

...I don't know either

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My mind really likes to mess with me so it's the start of tornado season and tornadoes are way up there on my lists of fears like every time I'm in a tornado watch I have like a mild breakdown and it's just not,,, good...

not to mention it's going to storm nonstop for the next couple days where I live

In my dream last night, which before going to bed I had watched the really cool storm that rolled through, I dreamt three like EF1 - EF2 tornadoes hit my house right in a row. And I just sat there in front of my window frozen--just too scared to move. I could see the funnels and them descending and moving around my neighborhood just ripping mailboxes and surrounding foliage straight out of the ground. They all hit my house right after another so I'd hear the wind pounding the siding of my house and see a bunch of leaves go by after there being a short calm period in between. There was also this bug clinging to my window for dear life and he got whisked away. Then after all three had hit I went outside through my garage for some reason (I guess I was surveying the damage or something) and I could see that the tornadoes were going around in a circle and were about to hit my house all over again. And then I woke up. It was awful. 

-2/10 dream, would not willingly experience again

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I dreamt about a deer hitting me with his nose and it was going to hit the baby that were sleeping on the grass and I said no, don't you dare. after that, it ran towards me and it hit me with his nose again and I woke up. It was a strange one.I mean deer usually run away from you.

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