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  1. Now I know why they don't play their songs on detective conan. I hope the others stay for conan openings and endings.
  2. Okay, so who is your favorite Cover Artist, not a official artist, but people who sing the song, but they didn't make the song they just sing it. My favorite Cover artist is Christina Grimmie....
  3. I dreamt about a deer hitting me with his nose and it was going to hit the baby that were sleeping on the grass and I said no, don't you dare. after that, it ran towards me and it hit me with his nose again and I woke up. It was a strange one.I mean deer usually run away from you.
  4. SPIDERS. I also can't stand any poisonous animals, mammals, insects, or any kind of poison you name it. Because I guarantee I dislike it.
  5. *A guy who has a little back bone. * I can be sarcasm sometimes so I hope he can understand that and I will diffidently understand your teasing will maybe it depends how far you go. * Honest *Loves me for me * cute and being ordinary.(meaning being yourself and not worrying what others has to say bout you)
  6. Piano "Can't help falling in love with you." I don't know how to play with my left hand and I only know how to play it from a very basic skill so I'm honestly not that great with piano, but I do love playing it and I know I can be better if I keep trying.
  7. "DETECTFANIVE1412" Detect = Because I love detective conan Fanive = Showing how much of a fan I love detective conan. 1412= I also love kaitou kid so I put 1412 for kid. This is practically saying I am a fan of detective conan and I am also a fan of kaitou kid. I decided just to put fanive in the middle. Anyways yeah.
  8. pick-up lines. I'm just trying to write my stories on "wattpad.com."
  9. 10 years later. I will hopefully find someone who I can love truly and he can love me the same. Hopefully, I graduate from college if I ever do go to college and become photographer.
  10. I remember when I was five I jaywalked in the middle of the traffic. Because I was thinking of how it looked like the video game where the duck or chicken cross the street with the cars, but have to stop so you won't die. So I did the exact same thing and when the light was red my dad ran towards me and his arms were wide open and here I thought I was getting a hug instead I'm picked up and get a spank. It was something I'll never forget. After all, it was my first spank.
  11. People talking behind my back. I personally like it if they say it to my face instead of behind my back.
  12. I really like mystery and romance...
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