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Found 6 results

  1. Hey there DCW! Here is a fan-made video of the song "Togetsukyo ~Kimi Omou~" by Mai Kuraki by me. Please do watch and reply with your feedback.
  2. kuritako

    I'm a DC newbie

    Hello, I don't know much about DC, and I only kinda follow the anime not the manga So i would like to ask this question about kaito kid's appearances in the manga : Was his last 7 years ago ? The last chapter he appeared in was published in 2010 right ? or am I wrong ? Thanks in advance
  3. Who do you think is better? I love Shinichi, hes so cool! Tell me what you think!
  4. I don't know if this has been discussed before but I have a strong feeling that Kaito Kid's father is actually not dead. I think he is just faked his death (like many characters on DC) because he wants to protect his family from the people coming after him. I don't know why I feel this way but an instinct just tells me... I don't know if anyone else watch "Magic Kaito" (If you don't know what it is, short description from me.. It's basically things from Kid's perspective. His family, friends and "soul mate", and the very first episode is him discovering his father's secret)..... But in one of the Magic Kaito episodes when Kid is video chatting with his mom, his mom briefly says in a serious voice to Kid "Your father is not dead", and when Kid was like "whhhaattt"... His mom went back to her goofy self and was like "He lives on in my heart"... Another thing is, Kid's dad never wanted him to discover his secret nor did he ever want Kid to be like him. He went through a lot to keep his secret hidden, but why is it that when Kid discovered his secret in Magic Kaito, there was a video programmed just for him? This does not make sense to me...
  5. When you first found out about Detective Conan and first started watching the Anime and/or reading Manga, what were your first thoughts about it? I always thought that the show was about a little kid who was a detective. And literally just thought that. I didn't think he was actually a highschooler stuck in a kid's body until I first watched the anime. But before that I saw an opening of Detective Conan by stumbling upon it while looking up songs from one of my favorite J-Rock bands, Breakerz. At first I thought "So, wait. When he takes off his glasses, he becomes an adult?" lol. But then I started to watch it, and soon, everything started to fall into place. Oh yeah, and I always thought that Kaito Kid was just Shinichi in disguise. Until I saw episode 76, then everything started to make sense.
  6. So you guys know how Conan and Kid always have those showdowns? Who do you think wins everytime? Kaito Kid or Conan?
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