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  1. When will Detective Conan have a game...?A nice one,not the puzzle game....Anyone make one or Gosho-kun make one please!!!!!!
  2. Make Ran useful Aoyama-kun!! I'll pay you ¥10000 if you do that!!SORRY RAN BUT YOURE A USELESS GIRLFRIEND!! But I like her to be me since I want Conan mine
  3. EdogawaTenshi

    Magic Kaito

    I can't find any Magic Kaito original..All I can see are 4 something,something,something I kinda hate the 3D Conan the why I was searching for the original but can't find it.."Anybody..Help me..Someone like Sherlock Holmes..Yeah.." -Minerva Glass
  4. A great one but still almost all Detective Conan fans would hate to see open ending if it was me it'll be okay if it becomes an infinite ending with zillions of episodes..I only like the first one..I'm pretty sure you have wrong grammar
  5. Conan the Beautician in the Phillipines
  6. Well I like all DC characters...The problem with Ran is just nothing but extra..She doesn't do anything that helpful as Haibara and the others do...Well Mouri has some uses for being Conan-kun's 'help' for solving cases
  7. Black Crow? Or anything with crow...Also try checking your grammar it's pretty wrong..
  8. Asaso-kun please enjoy the Detective Conan community...You can also make friends..If ever you need someone to talk to as for your feelings about how the last episode is turning out say it all to us!
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