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  1. Under "Specific Topics", "The Darkest Nightmare" has been mentioned as the latest Conan movie. Please update it to "Zero The Enforcer". I think the featured article and song also requires an update. I've been seeing the same since joining DCW.
  2. Everything is back to normal - with improvements. Thanks for your hard work.
  3. Thank you for making DCW better! The links are working normally now. However, lock icons appear next to links and thumbnails. They don't have any effect on the website's behavior though.
  4. However, the links are broken. The wiki page link above the page redirects to "wiki/Main_Page" which renders an IP Address not found error. I have to manually type in the full address "http://detectiveconanworld.com/wiki/Main_Page" to avoid the error.
  5. Looks like the issue was fixed. Every page now including the login page now uses secure connection. I have to thank the webmaster for enabling SSL.
  6. This is a serious issue for people using public WiFi to access their account, the forums or trying to log into the DCW Website. Their login credentials may be compromised, given how easy it is to snoop a public WiFi. Please enable 128-bit encryption on the login page atleast.
  7. Hey there DCW! Here is a fan-made video of the song "Togetsukyo ~Kimi Omou~" by Mai Kuraki by me. Please do watch and reply with your feedback.
  8. This way Mitshuiko and Ayumi can be together. But wouldn't it be awkward for Ai to be in love with her late sister's boyfriend. As for Rei, it is possible. I want Akai to reunite with Jodie. Then again, if all the new characters courted one-another, then the story would shift to the state it formerly was and if Conan never existed. Shinichi courts Ran. The story is back to Genta, Mitshuiko and Ayumi. For Genta, I think he will find someone like him eventually. All the 'Conan-effect' will be non-existent in the future, nullifying all the adventures. Though, in the future, Genta, Ayumi, Mitshuiko and Shinichi might come together as a Detective Group again. I'd want Ran, Ai, Akai to be part of this group too.
  9. No offense. I was completely unaware of your post and even if it seemed contradictory, I wasn't replying to anyone specifically. However, this post of yours strikes an interesting debate and I completely agree with it. It would be worth to note that Conan and Haibara have begun to trust each-other more than they did previously. The Professor even seems to get a romantic vibe from their current relationship and he doesn't oppose to the direction it is going. It seems inevitable though, at least to me, that Shinichi would end up with Ran. The things that bring two people closer are not supposed to be 'similar' qualities but 'complementary' traits. Ran's traits complement that of Shinichi. The common ground he finds with Ai is just a connection she feels, an undefined one, for now. Ai would completely go for Mitshuiko, but again, what about Ayumi?
  10. It is like Harry Potter when Hermione, who was supposed to court Harry, ended up with Ron. The only thing different this time is that I support ShinRan. I'd possibly present the same argument in this case too, Conan and Haibara or Shinichi and Shiho are good together. Both 'may' be like their exact counterparts too in terms of forensic sciences and intelligence, but it does not mean that both have to be in a romantic relationship or something. Why not stay good 'ol best friends, like Harry and Hermione? It is just that ShinRan seems to prosper more in the storyline and their relationship has a direction, it is advancing, unlike Conan and Haibara where one doesn't seem to be interested at all and the other is just plain confused.
  11. Top 7 Detective Conan Funniest Moments None like the others done before. Features a scene from Magic Kaito 1412 (Remember? Fish!) P.S.: Context dependent scenes.
  12. Hi there! I've seen many YouTube videos on best Conan funny scenes/moments and fan edited series of Funny Quotes (Read: Conan on Crack), even doing one myself (which you can watch here). But never have I stumbled upon stunt/action scenes from DC movies and anime. I thought they might be rare or fairly non-existent. I, therefore, decided to create a compilation by myself of all the best climax scenes from DC movies. Watch the video on YouTube Please comment with constructive criticism and express your views along the way. Thank you.
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