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  1. Yeah, you're right @Vi Hailey
  2. idk these fourms are pretty dead too, DC in the international community is dead
  3. Shiho and Shinichi personally, should totally be together, seeing Ran and shinichi for me, doesn't really fit as much as seeing Shiho and Shinichi. It's really weird that shinichi even likes Ran since they're childhood friends while Shiho is such a perfect match for him. there's no one more perfect to Shiho than Shinichi
  4. How about a game where there are 5 innocent, 1 murderer and 1 detective The computer can decide which role is yours, and depending on the random choose of it, you'll take that role This can be a room based game where you need to travel from A room to B room to make sure the murderer doesn't see you when they commit their crime and the detective needs to find out who it is before he's the one killed next (Game over for the detective is when all innocents are killed) and the roles reversed for the rest of the roles, how does that sound?
  5. Never seen any DC movies but that looks super intereasting
  6. The Mangaka had said before on a interview that, besides Conan shrinking, there isn't anything other fiction related involved, all is based on reality and real life murder scenarios. However, i beg to differ, here's the list i created 1. Vermouth's anti aging spell: she's living for so long, how come? how could she? this is as real sounding as Conan shrinking into a kid 2. Conan's shoe: He contains a mechanism that allows him to kick the ball really hard by a flick of a switch, but how exactly would that work? wouldn't it make sense if the machine was attached to his entire leg? or even socket joint? his shoe alone wouldn't really allow him to kick something super hard 3.Conan's ball making belt: Like the tranquilizer, there isn't much sense on how so many atoms that make up the ball can fit inside that belt 4. Conan's tranquilizer: It's as ridiculous as it looks and works, do i even need to bother explaining? Also, how exactly could the effects last so long? it also depends on which part of the body is affected as it varies in time by where you fire at the body and aswell how long the effect lasts. 5.Kaito kid's super flying propeller: Kaito appears in a lot of DC episodes, and always escapes (even if super close to the ground) some how escapes into the sky with his hang glider? the thing does have a propeller but it's so small there's no way it can give him the ability to fly upward while on the ground. as fictitious as Doraemon's telecopter hat which allows him to fly Did i miss anything? let me know
  7. I'll start off by saying i watch anime, not the crazy super fighting shonen anime that's mainstream, but i'll check out new anime line ups for the season here and there, i'm not a big fan of fantasy so i sometimes just watch the first episodes of those shows to get a feel for it, and if i like it, i'll keep watching, if not, i'll probably forget it even existed, but that was until.. There was a series called "Erased" By A1 pictures, it featured a Mangaka artist going back into time and able to alter the future even as a kid while still retaining his grown mind. This series was really close to my heart as it wrapped up it's story wonderfully in the span of 12 packed episodes. Not many anime i've watched tied it all up so beautifully that i'm mad it even ended in the first place, for some reason that concept fascinated me so much i wanted to see more of it, in any sort of way i could. Then i found a really old series known as "Detective Conan" I've watched this series before, i had memories of watching it on animax when i was a little kid on TV, and it did fascinate me quite a bit even though i had literally no idea what was happening, not even knowing the names of the characters.But since I came this far, i decided to take a quick look at it out of pure curiosity or nostalgia's sake and what greeted me was a pleasant surprise. Detective Conan is a series that i can't compare to any other, it's like something else entirely. I got intrigued by the first episode and was already hooked to the story, I honestly really liked the characters and world building, it was so immersive and full of unknown unpredictability, especially since people's lives were actually on stake in this series aswell as death and other serious tones being involved so i knew this series was willing to go far and not some kid's cartoon as I originally thought it was. After watching up till episode 14 of the series, i was convinced that Erased was a watered down version of this concept that Detective Conan embraced so much, there was so much potential in Erased, i'd guess that's why i liked it so much, there was always this unpredictability in Erased and Mystery but they were never explored at all, not as high as DC sets the standards, the characters, writing, events and everything about DC is something i truely love, and now when i look back at Erased, while still being a master piece on it's own, it's missed several opportunities even by something this old that really expanded on this concept so creatively and full of intrigue, i cannot even compare the two But as the story progressed, up until 700+ (Where i currently am in the anime) Even though the anime has lost it's innocent and quirky charm, i am still hooked to this anime and do not look at it as any less of it, i enjoy every single episode of it i watch, here's a way i really enjoy this series: I use a important episode list to show me all the important episodes to watch which are filled with plot significance but i also watch a few filler episodes to lighten up the pace and just get a slice of life feeling watching big or small mysteries solved by the "Detective boys" There's something about this series that has kept me hooked for a year and a half now, i don't think i've experienced anything like this ever before Typically i'm not one for long running anime which have 800+ episodes but if it's DC i'd might aswell be sad that there aren't anymore Why? This series is so consistent with quality and immersive storytelling i'm honestly baffled on how it's not given off the repetitive feeling towards me, i've not felt bored while watching any plot related episode in this entire series even once, it's constantly got me on the edge with all of it's characters that i love so dearly. And i'd also like to mention that DC has one of the best examples of a protagonist who both fits the role of a viewer and separate individual at the same time. I love Conan/Shinichi, he's my favorite character of the entire series, and that's odd to say these days that your favorite character is the protagonist. He's rich in personality but also isn't limited just to one or two emotions because of that fact like other animes tend to do with their characters, he's fully capable of expressing any emotion, but he does it in his own way with his own personality and that really effects how those emotions are displayed, that way it really feels like he's a living and real individual but also is a great vessel for the viewer to experience all these events and really grow attached to these characters that interact with him. He's both likable and relate able even though he has the ability to express himself negatively. (And I don't think i've ever seen a protagonist this perfect for any anime ever, this is how you actually do it right.) The anime it's self always has me on the verge of my seat asking for more but it also saddens me to see that when i come online, almost no one cares about this series, and is literally forgotten i truely do enjoy this series and am atleast glad that it will continue to exist for a long time because it gets extremely good reception in Japan, and for that to happen, it will ensure it's in production for a long time, hell it's rated top 5 in Japan's Women fav anime So it doesn't matter what the international audience thinks, if the Japanese audience still adore it so much, they'll keep making content and i'm honestly glad the manga is still going. I've had my fair share of breaks with DC, if i constantly watch it i will start to break immersion right? So in order to enjoy this great series to the fullest, as tempting as it maybe, i take breaks and do other things than watch DC. such as a vacation i had earlier with no Wifi and i remember i was just DYING to watch a DC episode to clear that thirst of Mystery and the beloved characters and what would happen next to them, as i was always invested in the storyline so deeply. One of the things i love about DC is that the characters always grow different responses if the same situation comes up again, it's not exactly major enough to be called "Character development" but it's extremely subtle and immersive, it really gives the feeling that these characters are real people and makes the world feel as if it's progressing and moving in real time. eg: When Megure starts to notice the pattern of Mouri constantly getting involved in Murder cases he tells him something like "Where ever you go, death always follows huh?" and different responses like that, overtime these responses get more and more ridiculous eg: "I'm more concerned if you're the murderer since you're here" obviously in a joking manner but it really shows that these characters do really grow. This includes all the characters who respond and interact in the DC universe, they're all like this, and that's one of the many things I absolutely love about this series. DC is criminally underrated and even these fourms here are dead, but why? i don't understand? How can a series this good and infatuating, which is enjoyable to people like me who don't like fantasy or long running anime, be so good and yet go unnoticed and un cared for in the international anime community?
  8. The topic didn't fit in either of the sections so I wanted to post the question here? how back is the anime from the manga? or a better question, how many chapters are left to catch up to the manga? I don't want to read the manga for spoilers since I keep up with the anime but It seems a lot of major plot stuff is going down and we're just stuck here with filler episodes, so how long will it be until it catches up?
  9. The topic didn't fit in either of the sections so I wanted to post the question here? how back is the anime from the manga? or a better question, how many chapters are left to catch up to the manga? I don't want to read the manga for spoilers since I keep up with the anime but It seems a lot of major plot stuff is going down and we're just stuck here with filler episodes, so how long will it be until it catches up?
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