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Found 10 results

  1. Hey everyone.. I've been thinking lately about the roundabouts of the ending of DC, per Gosho it is going to be a happy ending. However, for a series spanning more than a decade with a solid fanbase. I think the majority, as much as they would like to see DC end, they also would rather see a continuation of the DC series. For example, the Naruto series brings another Shippuden continuation, plus the Borutu series. Hence I thought perhaps a continuation to DC might, or rather, preferably should happen. However, what might come next?. The whole point of DC is to illustrate a spiritual successor to Sherlock Holmes in a Japanese setting, albeit adding more content to the core. But what if the story is elaborated upon, the black organization/Karasuma Group are only the enemies of Shinichi and his allies. While there might be other contending criminal organizations around the world, that end up as enemies to other related characters, and the story is even way bigger than it already is. Despite the 20+ years about a story set within a year, the continuation returns as a regular based story. Henceforth I imagined and theorized aftermath to the main DC story that I'd like to share with fellow fans, so enjoy reading a possible future theory. After Shinichi returns to his normal body and eliminates the BO once and for all, he grows into a superb detective recognized by the world. The story begins with Kudo Tairoku (a suggested name based on the first localized name for Sherlock in Japan), the male child of Shinichi and Ran. After Shinichi and Ran are married, Shinichi is approached by acquaintances of the FBI to help them solve cases internationally, Ran after opening a Karate dojo, drags along with Shinichi to keep him company. However, due to the nature of his work, they decide to leave their son Tairoku with his best friend and now the owner of the biggest and most successful detective agency in Japan, the Hattori detective agency, run by the owner himself Heiji Hattori who is an older and wiser world-famous detective (think alongside his preview of himself in 'the stranger in 9 years' ova and a close resemblant to Morihiku Dan of the Detective School Q series). Who is also married to Kazuha, and with their female child Haruna Heiji, welcomes Tairoku in their home. Tairoku, then learns more about his father as a detective and whose fame reached legendary status and Heiji's great wits through the interns of Heiji Detective Agency. However, after a certain incident, Tairoku, displaying intuitive well-honed detective skills, compared to his now-retired grandfather Yuusaku, concludes that the culprits are a small group of Heiji's students, who want to raise their status by solving cases they are responsible for. Tairoku, along with his new best friend Haruna (I suggest Tairoku, who looks like a mix of Yuusaku and Shinichi albeit with Shinichi's mother's hair color. And Haruna, is dark in skin color like her father but resemblant to her mother.) try to uncover the mystery behind the group, so they (middle school students) stumble upon a good friend of their parents, a young professor's assistant and a previous small-time detective Mitsuhiko. (By this time, the Detective Boys have disbanded due to their business with their careers. Mitsuhiko is now an assistant researcher at Tokyo's University, Ayumi is a homeroom teacher, both are married. And Genta is working fulltime at his family's restaurant with frequent puzzle solving skills though not honed enough and has acquired Agasa's sense for puzzle giving to the local children.) Mitsuhiko's lust for detective work is now reactivated, and he contacts both Ayumi and Genta to take a break from work and help the young Tairoku and Haruna in their case. Long story short, Haruna is awed by the Detective Boys' skills, who in turn are more amazed by Tairoku's skills and compare him to Conan's past life. When things get ugly, and the group finally corners them through malicious means, the DBoys are locked up, and Tairoku (through Karate skills he was taught by his mother Ran), tries to save Haruna. Except he is outnumbered, just then someone comes to his aid. The older Heiji was suspicious of this small group of his students, and therefore sent a friend of his to investigates them, who turns out to be Masumi Sera (now a police detective, like how Sato was, who btw is now a police inspector instead of Megure, who becomes the superintended, and Takagi has left the force to marry Sato and joins Hattori in overlooking his Tokyo's subteam of detectives.), the police detective Sera rescues Tairoku and Haruna, calls for backup and arrest the group. Tairoku is then approached by Heiji who scolds him a bit, but seeing how he used to be the same curious detective, he appoints Tairoku instead of the previous team. Tairoku, Haruna and now a young boy named Hanaba Atsushi, go on a series of detective cases over Japan. I also envision a continuation where Tairoku grows and comes to face new enemies such as, Kaito Kid the Third, A professor serial killer with a fanbase whom he controls to commit crimes, a new company trying to overtake the shoes of the now destroyed BO's operations. And possibly many subplots like DC; the series would now be called Detective Conan: Future Generations. Though I'm not sure how Conan would be now relevant since the identity of the boy once known as Edogawa Conan is now uncovered as Kudo Shinichi, perhaps in respects to his previous life as Conan, Shinichi names his son Conan instead of Tairoku, or better yet, the series focuses on the smarter younger brother of Tairoku's, Conan, who is the smarter brother of the stronger Tairoku. Although it can be enlarged through fan fiction, I would love to see Gosho's disciples take over the story and continue on it for the sake of the fans and the story itself. Yet I'm pretty positive Gosho would not want to continue with it, as he is more than ready to let it go. Anyways, if DC really ends with the destruction of BO and Shinichi is back to normal. Would you like to read/watch a sequel like mentioned above, or even take part in it? Let me know .
  2. hello, i'm vietnamese. I want to learn about detective services in the US.
  3. Hi there! I've seen many YouTube videos on best Conan funny scenes/moments and fan edited series of Funny Quotes (Read: Conan on Crack), even doing one myself (which you can watch here). But never have I stumbled upon stunt/action scenes from DC movies and anime. I thought they might be rare or fairly non-existent. I, therefore, decided to create a compilation by myself of all the best climax scenes from DC movies. Watch the video on YouTube Please comment with constructive criticism and express your views along the way. Thank you.
  4. XEdfv yufyt uuih?
  5. We all know that Akai Shuuichi is based on Char Aznable from the Gundam series, while Bourbon is based upon Amuro Ray from the same series. I did a little research and found out that there are many similarities besides the ones known, for example in DC Shuu and Rei starts their rivalry over the death of Scotch. In the Gundam series Amuro Ray accidentally kills Lalah Sune while she was trying to rescue Char, you can see this similar in manner but different in details in both series. So I ask of you all, to help researching and reading more into the Gundam series since I'm not a big fan of it, perhaps you might find more similarities that would help us drive forward in our analysis.
  6. Hi. I'm Arrimas. Did Detective Conan a.k.a. Case Closed have fighting games with the victims, culprits and suspects from the seasons and episodes? Everyone?
  7. Hi, I'm thus far your newest member, I'm forever and from ever a fan of DC. Been born and raised alongside with the series that it got me to get obsessed with mysteries crimes and detectives, you can say I have learned everything through conan. I was introduced to my biggest love Sherlock Holmes through Conan, as almost all of you I'm that big of a fan. Maybe being a member may relief some of the obsession that lays underneath me, or maybe so??!!. An aspiring detective, novelist and a sportsman. My dream is to solve almost every mystery I come upon and to write a great detective novel. (you can say I'm more like Yuusaku than Shinichi, I don't mind since he is smarter ) Anyways nice to meet you all .
  8. There is this music in the detective conan show that I can't really find at all. I hear it in the middle of a deduction. I looked everywhere but couldn't find it, so please help if you can. It came on many episodes, precisely from the past 2 years, Here it is in an episode. It starts precisely at 16:02 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K6RoFgPq0p4 Please help if you can
  9. Y'ello gentlemen! A few years ago I've discovered the Korean cover of Rina Aiuchi's "Koi Wa Thrill Shock Suspense" The Korean cover by JinsunJoo made as the 4th OP for Detective Conan is much more better than the original and the English version combined in my opinion Here http://www.4shared.com/mp3/zVsZyBuX/_-_Love_Is_Trill_Shock_Suspens.html
  10. INFO ==== This is a forum game that i have not seen before, but got the idea randomly. HOW TO PLAY? ==== Post a VIDEO of a Detective Conan moment OR A PHOTO. Do not simply post quotes or sayings. Aint nobody got time fo dat! (lol) If you get it wrong, someone else asks. It keeps going until 5 guesses. Once the 5th guess is wrong, someone else takes over. RULES ==== -No double posting. Let others have a turn. -Post a video or photo only. If you post only text, someone else takes your turn. -No insults. -Videos *MUST NOT* contain the episode number. -Images must not be hosted on banned sites. EXAMPLE: ==== ccrogers15: What episode is this from?: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CA055C3T89U Then someone replies: Episode 445 I WILL GO FIRST: ==== What episode is this from? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OnBfs4VIFbw
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