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  1. Thanks! I'll be reading up on the manga, catching up there, and I'll be finding out where to watch the anime.
  2. I fully understand what you're asking me, I'll answer you by saying that I'm very uneducated right now, and I'm looking to get fully caught up on what's going on in the manga. I was very obsessed at the time when I made this account and was reading it avidly in my spare time off work to try to catch up, and I was buying the books as I read them, so I acquired them very slowly. I have a lot to catch up on, so that explanation should be relevant to this topic and my username. Your answer: I'm on volume 12 and File *7. "The Woman Who Knew Too Much." I'll cheque out this Wikipedia and catch up on story arcs if I need to speed up the process like I did a couple times, but I don't remember what I read on here. I'm sorry it took so long to respond to your question and to be more specific, it's the Shonen Sunday publishing. I worked a lot at the time, so my reading was very slow. I just lost track over the years.
  3. If you don't have time to read all of the manga, but you can watch the anime, there are good fansubs of the entire series on animetv.io and kissanime.com that will get you up to the newest episodes. If you know the last episode number you watched, you can start from there. If not, look at the episode list on this site's wiki to find the last one you saw. Or you could just do what I did back in February and start watching the subtitled episodes from the beginning (however, if you do that, expect it to be several months before you're caught up; I just got there in September). If you are in a hurry to catch up, you could do like many people and skip the anime original cases (the episode list shows which cases are adapted from the manga and which are AO). The reason I didn't post all of this on your forum topic is because I'm telling you where to find the fansubs, which is against forum rules.

  4. The artwork in my profile picture is by me.

  5. I'm reading the English manga right now, which is twelve, and I've been a fan for years now. I just don't really have the time to sit and read, and plus, I have concentration issues. Anyways, I watched the English-dubbed anime (and I hate that they changed the names!) and the English-dubbed movies (still hate the name changes) until they stopped it, and I got lost when I tried to watch the English-sub, so where is the anime at right now? Please, if you have spoilers, tell me. I want to be caught up and I apologise if this post is against the rules. I used to be obsessed with this series, but not as much now, but still a fan.
  6. Welcome to DCW!

    Looks like you're already pretty active...try placing an avatar and a photo on your profile...

  7. Hmmm. English or Japanese? Well, there's so many awesome cases that I can't decide.
  8. I started watching Detective Conan in English. Honestly, I prefer English. But once I completed the English, I started watching the Japanese with English-subs. No matter what language it's in, it's one of the best anime I have ever seen!
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