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  1. took a mental health day off from work
  2. Hopefully, 10 years from now, I've learned from my mistakes and I'm in a much better place.
  3. Mine's the opposite I think. I feel like the reason why I feel so down all the time is due to me not just focusing on my self for now. Maybe...? Lol but hey. How's it going? @Kirsch Hey how's it going? Long time no see! OMM: Ahhh... hope I'm overthinking but my fear of abandonment is kicking in again. Are you just really sick as you're saying?
  4. God... I've just been feeling empty as of late. Never felt this before. I dunno why.
  5. Lol the sequel trilogy was just so bad. J.J. abrams effed up badly. They just didn't have any solid plan at all. Wish they made Finn the main character.
  6. I actually liked Bill. She was completely different from Clara and Amy who were both too on the nose for me in terms of their character. (I still like Clara over her though) And the 10th series is probably my favourite season of the show. I just liked the morality that they presented. The whole "Without hope, without witness, without reward." theme recurring throughout all the episodes and the ending.. But, there were definitely bad episodes in that season, I wouldn't lie. (e.g. Oxygen) Anyway, the show is pretty much dead now because of the whole thing that happened... RIP. Doctor Who will be missed.
  7. Inglorious Basterds. Pretty good movie. For some reason, I just like Hans Landa alot. Been watching Tarantino movies lately.
  8. Recently watched Clone Wars and man, it was amazing! It really expands upon the Star Wars Prequels alot and it really made me feel for Anakin. Wish I'd watched it sooner.
  9. Just catching up on movies right now.
  10. Well, DC is pretty much dying anyway. It's sad to say but Gosho lost his touch.
  11. Is it just me or is DCW very laggy/slow recently? Like when I'm posting, it takes like 2 minutes for it to actually get posted. The submit/post button changes to saving and it stays like that for awhile. Site also takes a long time to respond when I view posts or go to a subforum. Hope that can be looked at!
  12. Why the heck is DCW so freaking slow nowadays?
  13. Dear anon, How stupid of me to fall for someone I shouldn't. Maybe this whole thing is destiny forcing us to let go, move on and to do the right thing. But we'll see. Time will tell. Will things still be the same? I still hope to say goodbye at the least before one of us leaves. Yours only for now, Me
  14. Plan failed lol. It's just kinda sad that forums are kind of obsolete now.
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