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  1. Maybe,becoming busy was so rare for me~

  2. ^Ah kaya pala gets ko na. Kamusta date mo?? wahahaha LOL
  3. Hm. I think so... My only problem is the timing and my schedule. I don't think i have a proper time. But i thank you when you suggested it.

  4. BK,mukhang maling tao yung nareplayan mo ah.........
  5. SO GOOD MOVIE! It was really cool,I knew that watching Conan on theater wouldn't be wasted of course.

  6. Its so exciting when you hear conan to be screened in a cinema.

  7. Hello~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Oh sa mga taong di pa nasasagap ang balita... heto na!!!!^^ At base sa nalaman ninyo, FREE ADMISSION po yan for Philippine-Japan Friendship Day. Sa mga sasama(di lang ako sure) kitakits tayo sa SM MOA Cinema 6,ok?
  8. If Detective Conan Movie 14 will be aired on Mall of Asia? It means that some of group will meet up again! YAY!

  9. ::::::::::HOW EVERYONE REACT?::::::::: :::::::::::AKO::::: 100 % AGREE. PHYSICALLY,EMOTIONALLY,MENTALLY!! di ko sure kung kasama socially..
  10. It's a hidoi Monday.

  11. where? san? ate pogi? where? yung 誰かも人間まで嫉妬する、思い出す、それは恥辱だよ。 ba ate?
  12. Ayos yung poll ah,pero malay ko ba kasi di ako ultimate fan ng boxing.
  13. Too far but i want to watch Movie 16 right now.

    1. Awagode


      Same for me :( Do you know when it's going to come out?

  14. It's late.. but welcome to dcw! I like your intro so cool. My favorite movie is Capture in her eyes and Full Score of fear. I hope we can have and please do communicate with me freely. Yoroshiku(btw,you understand japanese a little?)
  15. I cant!!!!!!!!!!!! it's very lonnnnnnnnnnggggggggggggggggggg
  16. Another school year had opened!!! I am kinda tired again

  18. Ooh,my necks hurt!! after typing a long japanese article in 1 hour!! >o

  19. Ayos db kuya? di ko rin na-imagine.. Welcome~

  20. WOW! so much fun with several members! can't imagine how many laugh i do!!

  21. UWA! nervous later!! Hey am i the one youngest?? oh well,it doesn't look like after all..

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