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  1. The Motive for the Second Movie was actually pretty unacceptable. He put many people's lives in danger, even killing some of them, crash a building just because... He was the butt of a joke? Yeah, I'm sorry, that doesn't seem to justify any good reason to target many innocent's lives, like Eri and Agasa. Even if they didn't they, still... There's probably a few others from what other people from this thread mentioned but my mind is blank. Though I have to say Gosho's motives, even if they're BLACKMAAAAAIL a lot of times, still manages to evoke some kind of sympathy.
  2. Kaito KID: 22 Kogoro: 38 I'm hardly "on all the time", geez, don't make me sound like person that stares at a forum game for five hours straight or something xd;
  3. Kaito KID: 21 Kogoro: 39 Hey can't be helped that I don't like Kid and happen to have lots of free time on my hands xd
  4. Kaito KID: 23 Kogoro: 37 Have fun, time to sleep!
  5. Kaito KID: 25 Kogoro: 35 Man i really should get to bed though ;~;
  6. Kaito KID: 25 Kogoro: 35 I feel dirty xd
  7. Kaito KID: 29 Kogoro: 31 Fight the fangirls! xd
  8. >Eliminated Kir You guys are terrible ;; Bourbon: 26 Jodie: 11 Andre Camel: 1 James Black: 22 So tempted to minus off Burbon but I'm starting to like BourbonxKir for some random reason.
  9. Bourbon: 16 Jodie: 10 Shinichi's Parents: 2 Andre Camel: 10 James Black: 20 Hidemi Hondou (Kir): 2 #teamCIA
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