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  1. You know you live in Florida when you’re planning an event in the middle of December, and you have to factor in how hot it will get.

  2. Doodle Adventure What is Doodle Adventure? It’s simply an Adventure with Doodles! Think of it like an Illustrated Role Playing Game. Create a character to represent you and join the world. The stories and adventures are all up to you! Whether you draw with a tablet, by hand, or even in Paint, the world expands with each picture. Have fun! At the moment there are no rules. You can use any medium you choose, and anyone can join and leave whenever they choose!
  3. It's called Detective Conan: The Missing Professor and the Spot-the-Difference Tower for the Nintendo Ds. Here's a link to the wiki page: http://www.detectiveconanworld.com/wiki/Detective_Conan:_The_Missing_Professor_and_the_Mistaken_Tower_Search
  4. *Fails to dodge, covered in Tuna juice.* *Throws a cat that was attracted by the smell*
  5. One thing that would always pique my interest is how the manga and anime would differ in showing the crime scenes. When the manga showed a murder there would usually be blood splatters, and a pool of blood flowing. However, in the anime, the gore would be hidden in the shadows, or the angle of the scene would obscure the battle wounds (Or not even drawn in at all). I thought it would be interesting to take the murder pictures from the anime (I used the ones in the wiki) and compare them to their counterparts in the manga! Episode 1 Episode 3 Episode 36
  6. This seems to be the only other one I saved.
  7. A while ago I was playing Detective Conan: The Missing Professor and the Spot-the-Difference Tower for the Nintendo DS. This game is a ‘find the difference game’. I didn't play very much but some of the differences they had you find were quite challenging… Then this little gem popped up. This is legit. Can you spot the difference?
  8. Bummer! Well thanks for tge info, I'll make sure to check out the few pages I can
  9. Hey Guys! Is the regular detective Conan manga the only available form of written Detective Conan Media online? I currently have all the English released Case Closed Volumes so I wanted to try some of the books not available in the US. This would include the Detective Conan Special Manga, the novels, heck even the elementary educational books Am I completely missing them or are they non-existent online?
  10. I know how it is. Even though I made this, it's harder then I thought. I'm trying not to repeat the same person to many times but Anita and Vermouth keep popping up
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