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  1. I know this is uberrrrrrrrrrr late, but thank you for those who greeted me :))

  2. Osu! Hisashiburi ja na~ O genki minna tachi? :3

  3. osu. konbanwa! hisashiburi dayo ne minna-san. o genki desu??

  4. it's okay, it does not contain anything, after all. ) what if your friend betrayed you?
  5. eight thousand eight hundred eighty two
  6. update me in dc! darn, my pc was broke and i was not watching for eternity and it sucks and i want to know what happened after that satan episode something. ...

    1. angelranchan


      dc chapter 780,dc ep sixhundredi don't know (i think 629or 30 31 dunno:D , kudo shinichi he no chouisenjou episode 11 .ep 12 tomorrow.. then new opening misty mystery by garnet crow,new ending song your best friend by mai kuaki my love..and what else? haha!

    2. angelranchan
    3. angelranchan
  7. go to acc settings, then language. From English(US), change it to English(UK). then your precious facebook will be back the way it used to be. :) enjoy detectives!

  8. for those who are having troubles in their facebook, i have a solution:

  9. for those who are having troubles in their facebook, i have a solution:

  10. i'm back! miss this site. :)

  11. Black Swan. Di ako mkamove on.

  12. piano-ing the main theme of dc. hihi. (if anyone will ask for sheets, i dnt have shit, i mean sheet, i only play by ear. xD)

  13. i'm just curious, but why did/how did you convert to ranichi?
  14. um, guys, have you read magic kaito already? if yes, or at least have a background of that manga, then please read this. for me, detective conan is the cousin of magic kaito.. Look at this.. Main problem of the detective conan: Shinichi became conan BECAUSE OF AN UNKNOWN ORGANIZATION, which he currently calls the BLACK organization and he freeloads to ran's house as conan since ran's father is a detective and somehow hopes to get a lead to the black organization, which somehow succeeded.. (he got fbi, cia, vermouth) Main problem of the magic kaito: Kaito kid, Magician of the Moonlight. Whatever. Kaito's father, which is the former 1412, or the former kaito kid, the best of the best. 8years ago(or so in the series), an UNKNOWN ORGANIZATION asked his help to the pandora gem(every full moon, this gem drops a tear, and when drunk, it will gives immortality), and when he refused, he was killed by this organization... So kaito just knew all of this(the murder of his father, his father's kaito kid identity) when he was like, 17 or 16.. He knew all of these from the loyal apprentice of his father, ermm, i forgot his name.. so when he knew all about that, he followed the footsteps of his father, and began searching for that pandora gem through stealing.. and haven't you noticed? he steals gems every FULL MOON, and he gives back the gem right away when he found out that it is not the pandora gem?(it implies, right?) and always saying: "i do not need that, afterall" or something like that. so my point is, what if conan and kid's target is the same organization? it would be sooooooo exciting... ) NOTE: i haven't read the manga yet, i only watched episode 1 of magic kaito(since there's only one episode), so if this was already stated in the manga, i am sorry...
  15. ME ME ME! hehehe. geez. you know, this IS my opinion i think haibara will not be with mitsuhiko nor genta nor conan.. but she will be with araide-sensei. they're really compatible, for me.. what do you think? agree? disagree? OHMYGAWD THIS CAN BE A DEBATE <squeals>! NOTE: if i posted this one on a wrong topic, please dnt be mad. ) my net is sooo slow today that's why i can't browse all the topics ) just remind me... woooooooooooooootwooooooooooooooot
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