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  1. hi

    how are ya

    what are you doing with your exams?

  2. So, you won't forget it again, will ya? óÒ :P

  3. oh yes.. i did.. haha.. :slap: thats why i called it three months of idiocy.. lmao.. haha

  4. *facepalm* You forgot your user ID..? XD Sorry..

  5. I just read the english version of the new release at DCTP.. this story is getting more thrilling ever! i answered first at random criminals for the week, because i doubt that the BO will be out this time.. i cant get the connection b/w them and the strange antique vase.. but still i cant took them off the scene because of shiho.. as what others said sera doesnt appear often.. id dont know what random reasons must be why she was there aside from being one of the hostages on the past case the detective boys handled. But.. i am still looking at the possibility that ayumi chan was mistaken by the identity of shiho.. could it be that sera is warning them about the video that's why she appeared? because she is one of the person who noticed shiho's reflection on dr. agasa's glasses on the video?? well.. lets just wait for the next release!! im super excited! and the carpet thing!! i wonder which makes more sense here, is it the vase? or the carpet> ho~ho~ :razz:
  6. ....SOB... just got back here after 3 months!! i got a lot of catching up to do!

    1. Hejle


      Well, welcome back then... :D

    2. Satou San

      Satou San

      Thanx! i started up reading on the latest manga release and the new episode release.. I just Love DC so much! ♥

    3. its me sang

      its me sang

      all of us here loves conan!!!

  7. OMG! after 3 months of idiocy!! now im back! LOL.. i forgot my user id here thats why! I miss my DCW family!! ^__^

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