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  1. hi guys/folks. i hope you would read this: I'm a Ran fan. though i also liked ai, but i love Ran/shinichi more. There are purpose for everything, right? why do you think Haibara is "smarter" than Ran? is that the way she carries herself? or: Haibara studied in America, so that's why she's smart in terms of science and common perspectives(since science deals with common perspective, right?). She has family problems(or should i say, both of her parents died), that's why probably she has "that" attitude. Ran is a typical, ideal girl for me. She also is clever, but i think she's only playing dumb; though she knows them already(it implies), i think she puts her feelings first that's why she always encounter those DOUBTS, and sometimes, ended up in danger. She has family problems too, and grew in a different environment/nature than Haibara. So, that's one of the reason that explains why Ran and Haibara are totally different. next: why shinichi is: 1. more open to haibara when it comes to his secret, FBI, CIA, BO, and such common danger? 2. not letting ran know even a single thing, nor hint. Ans: 1. Because haibara WAS one of the most important person in BO, specifically, she was the scientist who was used by BO in creating some poisonous medicine(specifically the apotoxin holmes: apotoxin 4869) because she knew shinichi's secret: that shinichi shrunked by drinking that apotoxin 4869. shinichi knew that haibara won't open their mouth since he know that she already suffered and experienced the trauma/nightmare when her sis, and parents was killed. 2. Because shinichi IS truly worried for ran, though it's not written in his face(sometimes), it always imply. Knowing ran as his childhood friend, as far as i remembered, in one of the episodes, he assumed/predicted what will happen when he tells Ran about everything, his secret, FBI, CIA, and the Black Organization: Ran will be totally worried, and knowing her, she might panic and do something reckless, like blurt it out to the police, when the police themselves have no idea what's going on(and you should know what will happen next: spreading of the news, reaching BO, making a move to silence Ran. Since she will do anything just to save her love ones, even in exchange for her life. I hope you would not criticize me of what i wrote. This is on my behalf. And i KNOW, this is right. Thank you - Phenomenal lass_1995 kim_azstig24@yahoo.com just mail me. if ever! PS: reply asap
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