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  1. I know this is uberrrrrrrrrrr late, but thank you for those who greeted me :))

  2. Osu! Hisashiburi ja na~ O genki minna tachi? :3

  3. Happy sweet 17th birthday!!

  4. osu. konbanwa! hisashiburi dayo ne minna-san. o genki desu??

  5. it's okay, it does not contain anything, after all. ) what if your friend betrayed you?
  6. eight thousand eight hundred eighty two
  7. update me in dc! darn, my pc was broke and i was not watching for eternity and it sucks and i want to know what happened after that satan episode something. ...

    1. angelranchan


      dc chapter 780,dc ep sixhundredi don't know (i think 629or 30 31 dunno:D , kudo shinichi he no chouisenjou episode 11 .ep 12 tomorrow.. then new opening misty mystery by garnet crow,new ending song your best friend by mai kuaki my love..and what else? haha!

    2. angelranchan
    3. angelranchan
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