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  1. Sakila

    Saki's Art Thread

    Thank you, sir. Although I'd like to credit Misaki for teaching me everything I know. *bows*
  2. Most of his works are great—they're so strange. But some like the aforementioned Glyceride literally makes your lunch come back up.
  3. Sakila

    Saki's Art Thread

    What are you implying? ive just been bored, btw. Yay. Art. http://the-anime-daydreamer.deviantart.com/art/Saki-405446280 And yes, I do actually look that creepy.
  4. Sakila

    Saki's Art Thread

    Yeah, all the time. It's faster than writing manuscript.
  5. Sure~ after I finish some more junji ito
  6. Sakila

    Saki's Art Thread

    Ehhhh I dunno....I just made the pen really big and wrote it. Maybe the pencil option would've been better thats actually my real handwriting—albeit with a mouse xD but that's how I write~
  7. XD I see~ you shoulda just told me to read it before~ compared to glyceride, that's nothing.
  8. Sakila

    Saki's Art Thread

    Yaaay~~~ Happy Twinaversary Misaki ^^ *blows horn* *throws confetti* *gives present* http://the-anime-daydreamer.deviantart.com/art/Twinaversary-Present-405177250 Hope you like it ^^
  9. Do you get it? Cause I don't. At all. And hmm...you always act so innocent but you're actually reading about hentais? @Ren-kun: by Junji Ito?
  10. Aku no Hana. I don't know. I SO. DO. NOT. KNOW.
  11. After 8 or so seasons, I was honestly contemplating whether or not the kids were born from a Petri dish or something.
  12. Sakila

    I wish...

    I wish it was okay for me to stay.
  13. Awesome, Jouly-chan! i like the first one—sharp and clear. Not to mention, cute! +1!
  14. Dear Anonymous, I'm sorry for the post above. That was mood swings talking. It wouldn't have killed me to get up and do it myself. Please forgive me. You do a great deal of things for us regardless of how you act. And I shouldn't do this to you. Especially since this is not only my day off, but yours as well. Sincerely, Sakila
  15. Dear Anonymous, Guess what. Before, all that sympathy and stuff—those were the mood swings talking. You are not worth tears, sympathy, or anything of the sort. I said I'd do it didn't I? You think my life is all strawberry hearts and rainbow lollipops? 24/7 my foot. I'd be lucky if I got 5 whole hours of uninterrupted sleep. And the rest turning out bad CANNOT be my fault. If you haven't realized, they're your kids, not mine. So please, get off your pedestal. And AT THE END OF THE DAY, I'm the one who's bilingual, okay? You can't honestly be ranting at me when you're the one who doesn't give a shizz about learning. I haven't learned anything special. I'm not trying to one-up you. I just HAPPEN to know the most popular language on the planet, person who has been here long before I was even ALIVE. Don't hate. Signed, Sakila
  16. Yay~~~ get on it AFTER chapter one then.
  17. Dear Teach, A'shally, Ah grew up 'ere, so yd'think ah'd know how ta talk like airbody else. Y'just don' hear it cuz ah 'on't soun' like dat when ah talk ta teachers. ("Actually, I grew up here, so you'd think I'd know how to talk like everybody else. You just don't hear it 'cause I don't sound like that when I talk to teachers." When I'm talking informally, I actually sound just like that—skipping over consonants, not finishing a word, etc. You honestly don't need to inform me about it just because I'm bilingual or something or because I'm originally from another country. Y'relly 'on't gotta.) Sincerely, Sakila
  18. I am REQUESTING you draw him, yes xD *・゜゚・*:.。..。.:*・'(*゚▽゚*)'・*:.。. .。.:*・゜゚・* But I meant like, paired with Mafuyu—instead of Takaomi
  19. Stone xD And noooooo~~~~~~~ then you get the ultimate Usa-chan-man too! Not Usa-chan-man! Of all the characters, not Usa-chan-man! I like Hayasaka
  20. Natsuo <33333333 *sighs* if only he was real—in the manga itself You've improved a lot, AL ^^
  21. Dear Roro-nee, Now. Kiss. Signed, Agitator P.S. How passionate were you planning to get
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