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  1. guys any news about movie 17 on youtube?

    1. Jouly92


      I don't know really, Well I guess it will be available when it released on DVDs

  2. Banned for banning snowflake who banned me for banning Zubi-chan
  3. No <.< Trying to help ppl around them if they could :$
  4. No one doesn't, Do they ?
  5. إلى اللقاء ( ella aleqa'a) In my language
  6. Thanks snowflake I will make sure that I post some drawings that similar to the first one ohh I'm not that talented you know still progressing Sensei, it will be my pleasure to teach you <.< But I think your drawing is wonderful as well, better than mine in my opinion =) yeah, sometimes you don't have time to do it or maybe lazy < like me Lol Well I will thicken it and post it again if you like Thanks for watching my work tho. Thank you Anime Girl 4 Eva Oh ! Any person can do it really by practicing some features of drawing Every single art have it own way, so if you follow that way you will do it and maybe better than what I did < somebody taught me that Thanks again everyone for your comments on my simple art work ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥
  7. Hi there, how are you today ?

    1. Alpha the Errorist

      Alpha the Errorist

      Sorry for the late reply XP I'm good, as usual. What's up?

    2. Jouly92


      Well nothing new ><"

      I will post some new drawing soon

  8. Bye ْ~ *waving my right hand*
  9. Banned for not telling me that you have already done it
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