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  1. OK, you can start the game now...

  2. Interesting :-D When do we start this game?
  3. Here's my favourites one... 1-The Onion Head Fan club 2-What have you learnt from Detective Conan? 3-Shiho Miyano & Saguru Hakuba 4-Share Funny Jokes and Amusing Stories! 5-Rate and Comment the Avatar & Signature of the Person Above 6-Post your top 5 Animes (and why)! 7-Post your top 5 Mangas (and why)! 8-World of Naruto 9-What happened in this year? Some games make me learn, this one is one of my favs . 10-Questions VS Answers 11-Top Anime Characters 12-This or that 13-Describe the Person Below You 14-corrupted wish 15-Japanese Classroom
  4. @xXLeration: you mean the question? I did changed the question, but I'm sure that no one gave an answer yet...
  5. Why not try find real cute onions? I'm really glad that I found this one Isn't it cute???
  6. OMG! You'r right! Was it that easy???
  7. What is yours but your friends use it more than you do? Pleas, don't look in google .
  8. Avatar: 9/10. Signature: 5/10. Wahahahaha!!! Why did you rate them if you can't even see them?
  9. Your avatar 9/10, Shira-kun... He's in heaven JK Your signature 4/10, I dislike sticky food
  10. Very useful indeed *1 point*, keep going
  11. I have many and many to ask, OK, I'll pick one, why there is so many foreign in Detective Conan, especially Americans, are there lot of them in Japan too? Just wondering.
  12. *hugs* *hugs* *hugs* *hugs* *hugs*
  13. Btw, your avatar pic is awesome *o*

  14. Nothing, it was just that I was bored and have nothing to do, so I got A little depressed T_T Anyway, I'm al right now ^-^

  15. Maybe after 5 more episode Good news! Next week Naruto ep 197 is going back to the story!
  16. Ummm... can you delete the comments below I made please? *and this one*

  17. Hello, welcome to DCW! I hope you have fun!

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