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  1. Who is that? I should call Sato-San for help xD It doesn't look like he's killing him self, he seems alright to me xD

  2. No, I'm only 14, man, who cares, I've watched other bloody anime when I was a kid, it can't be helped when you live with adults.

  3. She's not a bad-ass, she's the main character of Black Lagoon, she's awesome, a woman with a bad-ass heart, though I'm not old enough to watch this anime.

  4. No, there'r other things, and you haven't answer my question yet T___T

    Be careful when you look at my avatar pic!

  5. Your age? It's a joke right?

  6. How are you? doing good? How is your break?

  7. I don't have breaks, I'm always busy, what about you?

  8. It was all thanks to my colors XD
  9. I'm fine sir, what about you sir? xD

  10. I think she's Akai's sister or somehow related to him, not only cos she has his eyes, but also from her background, she said she had lived in Americana three years ago, also Shuichi akai lived in America before, and I don't think she's Bourbon or nether an enemy, Conan said "That person's not an enemy, or somehow I feel like we've met somewhere before" and, "It mite be that person resembles someone I know, that's why the feeling we've met before is on my mind". And it could be that person is Akai. Anyone who think Sera is FBI or CIA agent, don't you think it's too young for her age? I don't know if she learnt of Conan true identity, but I think she's still suspecting him...
  11. Thanks, I'll change it soon I happen to hate over coloring too btw thanks. xD Thanks, that's only coloring I'm pretty bad at drawing
  12. I just colored an awesome picture of Ran and Sera, is not as you think it is, anyway I tried to copy Gosho's style, but the skin isn't that yellow. Nah, I guess the skin isn't yellow at all, I colored yellow then colored over it pink cos my yellow was too strong, it ends up orange, the clothes coloring idea came from ending 36, the clothes are totally different though, anyway. hope you like it.
  13. OK, done here, it's a gif I made...
  14. I'm here, I'm sorry, I just got the idea, I made something, but I just have to edit it, tomorrow I'll show them to you...
  15. Hello! I would like to share ONION CLUB CHARACTERS for some new members of anion club I would like to share the onion comic once again, it's one of my fav You can find more here...
  16. It was just a joke, I wasn't serious at all, I wrote a small JK at the end, it means I'm just kidding, ne? I didn't mean to make you write all that just because a joke, since I'm the one who said that, I thought no one would really pay attention to it anyway
  17. Sera is a girl ... it's OK, I'm not depressed at all but still, I 'm shocked why is she a girl why??? as a guy, she would be a good match with Haibara JK
  18. Sorry for being late, here is mine... the one that has the bold writing is my answer...
  19. I think that's true, now that I think about it I think she's alright xD...
  20. I'm a fan of Dae jang geum, if you want people to be interested in Korean language, and joining, you need to make them watch this drama... my cousin is a huge fan of it, after she watched Dae jang geum, she started studding Korean language, and cooking Korean food... everything Korean... this is for girls, as for boys I'm not sure ...
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