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  1. 194 This game sound's fun, I'll try and help too! I'll do my best
  2. If Ran and Kazuha were to fight, who do you think would win? Ran is soft hearted, kind, care for her friends, and polite... and is really good at KARATE! Do you think she would have win against Kazuha who knows is expert in AIKIDO!? We all know that will never happen in the following series, but just use your imagination... Kazuha vs Ran... the event starts now... who do you think will win??!! LOL! Ok... Ah, wait!! Who do you think will win if Shiho (in her original body) and Ran fights??? We know Ran is expert in her karate... and Shiho? Well, I guess Shiho knows some fighting skills... because she use to live with the BO... like shooting a gun at the mysterious lady in episode 129. I'm sure she knows how to fight somehow So, what do you think of this? Please... just use your imaginations.
  3. Hehehe, Well, ummm... I think we should just go on with the series and see who will end up with Shinichi, :)... thank you~ :D

  4. Haha, I don't really know, but I HATE RAN! Especially when she is together with Shinichi! And calling him, "Shinichi that, Shinichi this..." she really get on my NERVES whenever she calls him!!! My favorite character is Haibara ;)

  5. Rom Yui


    Wow, that's good :razz: , do u have any other drawings, I would love to see them :-D
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