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  1. So they are not called alphabets after all, Just knew that btw, Thanks!
  2. I would like to join!
  3. Wow! That's cool! How many alphabets there is in Japanese? :razz:
  4. Shiho x Saguru? Good idea! But no hope
  5. Nice! :grin: But I can't see any drawing of Kaito? Isn't that Ran???
  6. Either doing nothing, Drinking tea, eating, reading manga and others, watching Anime, drawing, teasing my sister, listening to songs, cleaning, and more!
  7. My name is Rom*****, so Rom comes from my real name, and as for Yui, it comes from my last name
  8. Oh Hi! Well... I just finished cleaning, hehe, btw, how are you doing? can I add you? ^_^

  9. Person 1: Can you tell me how to spell 'funny' ? Person 2: **-- Person 1: What-- !!? Person 2: **- Person 1: OMG !! Person 2: Wha- what's wrong? Didn't you ask me how to spell 'Funny'? Person 1: I did but... Person 2: Then it's F U N N Y. Person 1: Oh .
  10. Hi all! had you ever heard of the onion comics? They exists you know . And they are really funny ... Here... I hope you all enjoy it!
  11. Ah! Thanks for the welcoming
  12. My worst was movie 2 just didn't like it, the case was a bit depressing, how everyone just kept dying one after another, just for some silly revenge
  13. You did, stop lying... ;) I can delete you if you want...

  14. Rom Yui


    @Blueberry: Oww thanks! That's really nice of you @Kaoko: Have you been to grave school?
  15. Oww, hello! I'm doing fine too! thanks ;)

  16. Hi!!! welcome to Detective conan world!!! I hope you enjoy it here! ^_^

  17. Rom Yui


    I can understand why Ai and Conan have cellphones, but why are the rest of the Detective Boys have their own cellphones???? They are only 7! I didn't even know how to send a letter through cellphones when I was 10... is it normal for 7 years old kids in Japan to have their own cellphone (also, do they allow it in schools)?? Wait a minuets... I'm not jealous . @Blueberry: I finally got to have my own cellphone when I was 13, but it is a crap one, the old technology... without camera, or even color... and the boxes are enormous! And what's more!? It's broken right now. So don't worry, we are the same Mwahahahaha
  18. Hi! Thanks for the friend add!! ^_^

  19. MG, Thanks for the friend add!! ^_^

  20. Shuizati! Thanks for the friend add!! ^_^

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