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  1. Savior and Reaper :P

  2. Happy Birthday!!

  3. thx u for the birthday wish =D

    wow im like 6 months late

  4. are you two joking around? or you're sibling then, savior and reaper? hahaha, I was a bit confused reading your messages but why on earth I was laughing then.. seems, you two were querelling like child. please don't hacked each other, tell me the real 'YOU' :)

  5. Do you like Death Note? I saw 'Kira' and just had to ask. I'm personally a Kira lover. ^^

  6. Jack ass. That's what you get for not coming home. I hope you didn't get into a fight and "accidentally" killed someone or something. Wake me up when you get home. If you get home to check on this website. Which knowing you, you will.

  7. Oh no, i'm Savior and I hate Niggers. I'm racist guyzzzz. Give me one star pleazzzzz

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    2. Reaper


      It's as Ranger said; YOU ARE COMICO Tna.

    3. Ranger


      I'm assuming Lawliet here and Mr. Yagami are brothers?

    4. Tna Uchiha

      Tna Uchiha

      Oops. That was just a joke, come on.

  8. By the way, "Savior" down there was actually "Reaper". I just hacked into his name to mess with him. So this is "Reaper" replying to the message you sent me.

  9. Like Harry Potter? I am afraid not. I used to when I was younger, but then I started noticing women...ha, bad joke.

  10. Hey, I have a lower rating than you. I am winning. Come on, the point is to troll no?

  11. Hehehe. I am just astute. And of course. Unlike most people, your collection of games are actually commendable. Good games, I played this game once where I killed everyone just because it was ghetto and stupid. It was theft auto something. I don't know. It was retarded.

  12. I know, you picked the lock. I noticed. Interesting how you managed to lock it from the inside while you were outside. Have you been watching Detective Conan? And alright, just don't act like a moron in them. For example, killing people because you feel like it, or killing important people. Actually get into it or you will be defiling the game. And that I will not have.

  13. Yeah, you do it more than me though. Hey, let me play more of that game of Fallout. It's actually pretty good. I can't stop thinking about it. Although you actually NEVER let me play it, that one time I played it for like four hours in your room while you were scouting for some bridge to jump off or something, was without you knowing.

  14. Alright, try not to cut something like last time. I can't fix your shit all the time. And let's keep the cursing down too. Damn, we sound like homeless people on Jet, Buffout and Psycho. Like some garbage nigger, ghetto scum. God, I want to wash my mouth with soap. Actually.... I will.

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