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  1. OMG have you really seen a ghost??? No, I'm happy :-P Have you ever wished to die?
  2. I'm doing fine! what about you?

  3. Never... I mean not yet XD have you ever seen a ghost?
  4. I hate Naruto anime original, when are they going back to the story?
  5. I smiled when I saw Erza Scarlet's new avatar...
  6. I wish I can fly to the moon when I'm feeling depressed...
  7. I want to read animals minds, so I can understand them more...
  8. Thank you~ I'm glad I came back~

    and I'm glad I can sill recognise some members!!

  9. I hate people who never feel guilty...
  10. I wish to throw a dart at a map and travel to wherever it lands...
  11. hello guys, it's been a while, miss you all

  12. OMG, omg, omg XD XD what kind of excuse IS THAT? I can't even call that an excuse!!!

  13. BlueBerry!!! Where have you been???

  14. He will... they say people with glasses have long lives.
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