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  1. hopefully it is interesting in a good way. :P thanks.

  2. Hi!

    I'm assuming that you're a ShinRan fan?

  3. btw gw juga org indo loh, jakarta..hehe..kamu?

  4. helloooo....welcome to DCW! ^o^

  5. ha..ha..ha...:D

    my nam is "Nur",

    situ sndiri siapa namanya?

  6. Haha oke, oke. Kamu kerja di Jakarta mananya?

    Bukannya lebih enak di Bogor ya? Jakarta panasnya super duper ~_~

  7. It's turning stupid and ghetto, it makes me feel like murdering people. I am tired of being tortured by the awful ghetto music. It's driving me insane.

  8. Because he is cool. b(^^)d

  9. nice to know you too :)

    so, let's speak in indonesia :D

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