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  1. Curiosity led me back to this site! Long time no D-seee

    1. Sakila



    2. Kaitou1412
  2. Thank you for all the birthday wishes!! :)

  3. Mulan! Haven't seen that movie in ages and sort of missing Disney these days, especially the soundtrack x'D
  4. Shocked? :o what do you mean??

  5. Haha thanks! :DD You doing alright? :) school and everything going good too? 8)

  6. Just doing a whole lot of other stuff xD! How've you been!! :DD

  7. hahaha honestly ㅋ xD sitting in a boring class for two hours = definitely not easy..
  8. No way - you live in Sweden?! :P

  9. 你好!我是Kaitou1412! 我学习汉语!!
  10. wow! this is great : D is Kamusta "hi"? how do you say "bye"? : D or "what is your name" and "my name is ..."??
  11. Hahaha xD that gotta suck... but hey i g2g now.. ttyl :))

  12. haha then how are your parents ok with keeping all these cats? xDD

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