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  1. Kind of stinks when people do not realize that you are trying to help them get some free space.


    Oh well, the situation might blow over eventually, when they have a breath of fresh air.

  2. I kind of have to agree with MeitanteixX. I remember people thinking that Okiya was Bourbon, but it turned out to be Akai, and there is so little concrete info on Rum that every suspect is a possible red herring right now, so I am not really going to say. Could Rumi be Rum? Yes, she could, since there are some hints that she might be involved with the Koji case, but that would just make things as boring as The Mysterious Affair at Styles.
  3. Nothing is ever 100%, and you are correct that is accurate enough to be used in court, but you can get matches to other people, as found on this page from the Genetic Science Learning Center on University of Utah's domain. It does confirm what you say a bit, but do not forget that we never really see anybody actually testing things other than fingerprints too often in the series, and even if things are handled properly, because of the obvious human error that exists everything. Secondly, according to a PDF talking about direct and circumstantial evidence, which was originally on the Massachusetts' government website back in 2013, it is up to people to infer that the statement provided was the truth. True, it does mark down the advantages and disadvantages of utilizing each kind of evidence, but direct evidence is out there saying that the present scenario is the truth, and circumstantial evidence, such as DNA and fingerprint evidence, must be pieced together so that the statement seems clearly obvious. Also, the fingerprint might be of relatively poor quality or hard to get, which may prove utilizing fingerprints troublesome. For now, I will concede to you, since this will only become more heated if it continues. This part I can certainly agree with you on this part, and I would be a little disappointed if she does not become important, but what I meant was that she somehow becomes directly involved in the case, such as if Black Org was after her.
  4. I do not really see Ran figuring out the truth until much later. While she is pretty smart and realized the connection more than once, everything has basically been a coincidence, but things that we consider "solid proof" is nothing more than circumstantial evidence and DNA and fingerprint tests are not as accurate as they seem to be in fiction. If anything, it would just be a repeat of episodes 96 and 7, unless Ran becomes important to the plot.
  5. Manga I currently read is quite extensive, which includes the following: Detective Conan A Certain Scientific Railgun Ancient Magus Bride Kyokou Suiri Yona of the Dawn Q.E.D C.M.B Case Study of Vanitas
  6. My favorite opening is Truth from Two-Mix.
  7. I kind of like the early volumes from the 1-26 range the best, but over the course of the volumes it would be 1, 16, 18, 42, and 49.
  8. Assuming it was a person from my nightmare, make them regret it. If it was something else, like a situation, I would try to calm down and figure things out. What would you do if everything you believed were a lie?
  9. Good afternoon everyone, I am brycec and have been reading and watching Detective Conan for a few years now, as well as regularly writing up reviews of volumes released by Viz Media on a blog I run. While I am not a big fan of the anime, though I do not hate it and watch the latest episodes, I am very interested in the manga, and hope that I can get to know everyone here.
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