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  1. Detective II

    Codes and Riddles

    Does the Cipher an english or a random word? Because if it is an english that is a 1 word with 6 letters, then the mystery has been solved.
  2. Detective II

    Any Mystery?

    Oh, hey there! I am a high school detective and is willing to solve a mystery of yours! You can contact me here! https://www.facebook.com/groups/2095039934058637/about/
  3. Detective II

    What do you want to become?

    Since I already earned the title "Mystery Maniac" in our school, I guess I'll just go get the job of detective. Maybe Private, or Police Detective.
  4. Detective II

    HOLMES OF THE WEEK continued

    ME: Let me reconstruct how does the culprit do it. When they were having dinner together, the culprit putted a drug from Sherlock's drink that will make Sherlock's stomach ache. Then the culprit and Mycroft went for the walk, as they were right about to leave the hotel, the culprit excused herself to the bathroom. and the culprit came to Sherlock's room to kill him while Sherlock is using the toilet, the culprit knock the door at the toilet, then Sherlock open the door without knowing that he's being targetted by the culprit, then the culprit point the gun at his right temple and shot him, then came to the hotel exit gate so that her alibi would work, but she don't know that coming late would make him more suspicious. So, yes the culprit is IRENE ADLER. Mycroft Holmes claims to be waiting at the hotel exit gate, but let's see who can confirm it, who? GUARD, the GUARD is always guarding the hotel exit gate, Mycroft Holmes might have seen him, PROBABLY. John Watson was allegedly talking to a third party individual on mobile regarding employment hunting, who can confirm it? The one who he was talking with on mobile, he can confirm his alibi and also if he was near the victim when he was talking to him, because if he killed the victim, he will hear more sound than being in his room. AND NOW, WHERE'S YOUR ALIBI, YOU TAKING THE BATHROOM, IRENE ADLER?! IRENE ADLER: Yes, I don't have an alibi! But that doesn't mean I am the culprit. HAHAHAHA! Yes, it is an excellent deductive reasoning, but where's your proof?!! ME: As I can smell, a gunpowder is in your body, if it is proven that the gunpowder is from the gun that is used to kill Sherlock, then it'll also be a proof that you kill SHERLOCK, IRENE ADLER! Edited: I guess this one is over, okay let me give another one. It was 8:35 A.M. and Cynthia Peck was not only in a bad mood but late for work as well, which was most unusual for her. Not only was she late, but rain had been coming down in a torrential downpour since 7:13. She knew it was 7:13 because that is what the digital clock in her automobile reflected as the first thick raindrops splattered her windshield. As she entered the Ames building, she cursed silently that her oversized umbrella had done a poor job of keeping her dry. But, today, it was probably good that she was late, for it could possibly be herself that her administrative assistant, Megan Brewer, found dead on the floor of her spacious office. Cynthia Peck was 37 years old and a vice president of the Ames Marketing Company. She did not become a company vice president by being weak or faint hearted. She knew something was wrong as she exited the sixth floor elevator and met several uniformed police officers waiting for her to arrive. Before the officers had a chance to say anything to her, she asked, “What is going on?” Detective Sergeant Kyle Whitmore answered, “Are you Cynthia Peck?” “Yes,’ she replied and asked again, “What’s going on?” “There is a dead man in your office. Your assistant, Ms. Brewer, found him this morning. Identification in his wallet shows him to be Mr. Trent Willis. Do you know him?” Cynthia showed no emotion as she answered, “Yes, we had a meeting in my office scheduled for this morning. What happened?” “He was murdered,” the detective answered, watching Cynthia carefully, and added, “he has a letter opener in his chest. The only belongings we found were his cell phone and briefcase.” The detective did not share with her the fact that the state of her office indicated the powerfully built Willis, whose driver’s license showed him to be 35 years old, put up a violent but futile struggle with his attacker. Cynthia now felt a slight dizziness. Small beads of perspiration broke out upon her high forehead as she asked, without visible emotion, “Who did it?” “We don’t know yet,” Sergeant Whitmore answered, noticing the wetness on Cynthia’s clothing. He pointed towards the end of the hall and said, “Please join us in the conference room after taking a moment to dry off.” “Thank you,” she gratefully replied. Upon entering the conference room, Cynthia saw that her assistant, Megan Brewer, was already seated along with her boss, company president Steve Ledbetter and a member of her marketing team, Josh Kesler. She quickly took a seat and noted that a uniformed policeman stood at the door. Anyone wishing to enter or exit the room would have to do so through the officer. The four Ames employees looked expectantly at Sergeant Whitmore. Whitmore silently noted to himself that the Ames employees, with the exception of Steve Ledbetter, appeared to be between 35-40 years old and in good physical condition. President Ledbetter was the exception, being 58 years old and at least 50 pounds overweight. He began to speak, “Ms. Brewer found the victim at 7:51 this morning. Mr. Willis, as you know, Ms. Peck, had an 8:15 appointment to see you. Ms. Brewer claims not to know how he got to the sixth floor and into the office. I know that I do not need to tell you that the stairways are locked and a pass code is needed to exit the elevator on the sixth floor. Now, Ms. Peck and Ms. Brewer are the only persons with a passkey into Ms. Peck’s office, but Ms. Brewer informs us that she left her passkey on her outer office desk for a few moments while in the break room getting a cup of coffee. Security tells us that four persons accessed the sixth floor before 7:51.” Whitmore stopped for a moment to catch his breath and, with a sweeping motion of his hand, added, “And those persons are all of you. Before anyone asks, records show Ms. Peck exited the elevator at 6:45, a little over an hour before Mr. Trent was discovered.” “It’s true, Sergeant. Stupidly, I left the signed contract I was to give to Mr. Willis at home. I had to return home and get it.” The sergeant looked at Cynthia and said, “OK, for now. What security shows is that Ms. Peck arrived at 6:45, and Ms. Brewer was next at 6:59. At 7:25, Mr. Kesler arrived. Mr. Ledbetter was last to arrive at 7:40.” Sgt. Whitmore paused and looked at each of them in turn before adding, “It’s highly unlikely that somebody hid overnight on the sixth floor, but we’re checking security cameras as I speak. What is much more likely is that one of you murdered Trent Willis.” Megan felt faint and began to weep. Softly, Sgt. Whitmore said to her, “I’m sorry, Ms. Brewer, this is unpleasant but necessary. Steve Ledbetter asked, “Why not check the cameras to see when Mr. Willis entered?” “Because lightning knocked them out early this morning, before the rains hit,” was the sergeant’s reply. Turning to Cynthia, he said, “Let’s begin with you, Ms. Peck. You first arrived at 6:45. Did you enter your office?” “Yes. It was then that I discovered that I left the contract at home. I left to retrieve it.” “Security shows you left the sixth floor at 6:49,” Whitmore noted, “That’s right,” Cynthia answered. “So it took you an hour and 46 minutes to get back here?” Whitmore asked. “Right again. The rain hit at 7:13 by my car radio and traffic crawled to a stop. I was in my car the entire time, except for the short time I was in my apartment retrieving the contract.” Cynthia thought for a moment as Whitmore’s eyes bored into her and then added, “I made several cell phone calls from my car, one of them around 7:10 to the newspaper delivery service, one to my husband’s office around 7:35 and another just after 8:00 to my doctor’s office. Telephone company records will show my cell phone to be a long way from here between shortly after leaving until after 8:15 or so.” As she said this, she handed Sgt. Whitmore her cell phone. Whitmore thanked her and turned to Cynthia’s assistant, Megan Brewer, who had composed herself. He stated, “You exited the elevator at 6:59. Did you notice anything out of the ordinary when you arrived?” “Nothing. I noticed the lightning outside the windows but that is all.” Thinking for a moment, he asked, “Did Ms. Peck call you at anytime after leaving to return home? “No, but that is not unusual. She only calls when she needs to. This morning, she sent an email before leaving, explaining the situation and asking me to make Mr. Willis comfortable.” Whitmore turned to Josh Kesler and asked, “What about you? You got here at 7:25. Did you see or hear anything out of the ordinary?” “No,” was his response. Did you make any calls on your cell phone or from the office; anything that can prove you are not the killer?” Nervously, Josh replied, “No, nothing.” Whitmore thought for a long moment, and then asked Steve Ledbetter. “Do you have a raincoat?” “Yes, but I do not have it with me. As president of the company, I have a car and driver at my disposal. Maurice always lets me out right at the front door so I never wear a coat.” Turning back to Josh Kesler, “And you? Do you have a raincoat?” Josh was puzzled but answered, “No, but I have an umbrella. If you want to see it, it’s drying in my office.” Sergeant Whitmore had seen a lot in his 12 years as a homicide investigator, but never anything as bizarre as this. But a High School in his uniform shows up and pointing his finger to the murderer, he said to the officer guarding the door, “Arrest this person for second degree murder.” “I've overheard the case, and have solved it myself.” said the High School Student. So how does the High School Student knew it?
  5. Detective II

    A Collection of Codes

    Vertically. KSSF would be BOOK. ZDNCUJTQU is still unknown, but if it's the first word of this, it is a name of a book, or FAIRYTALE BOOK.
  6. Detective II

    Riddles of the week

    Well, i guess no one can answer it then :/ The killer would be the cashier, for a few investigation we found a poison in the cash, since those "police" are dumb to figured it out, they forgot to check it
  7. Detective II

    Riddles of the week

    After one day, it was known that only one apple slice had poison, i bet no one can answer this?
  8. Detective II

    Riddles of the week

    If you don't have any riddle to say, you can just leave the answer.
  9. Detective II

    Riddles of the week

    I'd like to continue the game called "Holmes of the week", and i'll be the one who would be first, if you solved the riddle, feel free to get a new riddle created by you(if so, put the hardest riddle that you know and that would interests me ;)). The first riddle would be the one i solved in my neighbour's house. The woman had died in my neighbour's house and that it's the neigbour's sister. The neighbour's name is Robert, all he knew is that she came to market and buy some fruits, and the only thing he ate is the apple, after testing the apple for a poison and the hand of the victim, it was positive. after we asked the market's cashier, named July, she saw the victim that is talking to someone that has a beard and wearing a glass, after a few search, the police detective have found the person who she was talking named Ronnel , right now, there is a three suspects. When the police detective asks for their alibi is, this is the answer. Robert: I saw this person(me) in this window and he can prove the alibi that i was cutting the apple. July: I only gave him the change, and this police(there was a police that is also in the market and is lining up near the victim) can prove it. Ronnel: I was only talking to him, how can i murder him, and also ain't the cashier just saw me talking to him? Who's the culprit?
  10. Detective II

    4 Letter Challenge!

  11. Detective II

    Garnet Crow breaking up in June

    Am i the only one who don't love intros and ending?
  12. Detective II

    4 Letter Challenge!

  13. Detective II

    Replace One Word in a Title with ________ (Forum Game)

    Scaredy of You Culprit
  14. Detective II

    Ban the Person Above You [Forum Game]

    Banned for because i want to.
  15. Detective II

    Are you Alice?

    No, i'm a 1 y/0 boy, maybe the next who comment is Alice, so aren't you?