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  1. You think so ? It's out but DCTP hasn't translate it yet. It's obviously not real, my friend . Of course. I know what I'm looking is a fan art ... Why do you think I posted this in a Chatroom ? As Gosho fans we all (should) know that this is not the original art of Detective Conan . Hehe, I wonder about that ...
  2. Quiero uniĆ³n, mi amigo .
  3. Reading a book called Enjoy Your Life .
  4. Welcome, fellow ... I hope you enjoy all the fun here .
  5. Yay! One Piece ! Yah, me, too, amigo ... this arc is quite boring ... I prefer One Piece's old arcs, such as the Alabasta one, Robin rescue one, Sky one, etc.
  6. Isn't dark because it was old ? Yeah, it isn't ! Really ? Now that's new for me ! I just need to catch up to you now !
  7. Oops ... sorry about that...
  8. Officer Kaoko


    It's OK, my friend ... I'm sure it'll re-air again . We just have to wait patiently . Even though, I did criticize this show a little ... I still love it . I mean... it's not overall bad ! As proof, my avatar and signature are all from Gintama . I had it for so long now ! I used to read the manga, but because there's too many text in the bubbles, I only watched the anime. But I'm seein' the latest arc in the manga now ... and am gettin' excited ! It's getting awesome! I love it when the story gets hot !
  9. OMMEEGOOOOO (my friend!) !! Thanks for informing me !! Owww... AWESOME ! I'll be checking this out~ I'll give my opinion then ! P.S. I don't know how to thank you so I'll give you a rep point !
  10. It's out ... Source: http://tieba.baidu.com/p/1265459293
  11. Today I remember that I am a prosecutor *evil smirk*.

  12. +1 I agree ^^ The bang on Ran's head did. It wasn't that sharp when the series just begin. Now it's been forged. Haha, but if Ran supposedly stopped freaking out whenever she sees a dead body, she wouldn't be the 'innocent' type anymore.
  13. Kogoro is smart, but just lazy. He'll figure out things if the situation is desperate or it is something related to him .
  14. Your welcome . I'll update this thread and inform you guys with latest news ! P.S. Thanks for the rep points everyone .
  15. I can't believe my eyes ... This drawing is a masterpiece, I say ! I'm impressed, and I really love the painting style. Awesome! Nice piece, Keze-rei ~ P.S. I would love to see more of your drawings . *gives a pint to Kaze-kun's drawing (ehehehe)*
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