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  1. Happy Birthday. Come back sometime, will you?

  2. Dude, come online will ya? I miss you

  3. Happy Birthday, Din.


  4. Din.

    I'm sorry.

    I don't want to say 'It'll get better', or 'It'll pass'. I don't understand how you feel.


    Come back.

  5. Ne, Din.

    What happened? D:

  6. I regret not being there for you at the time you need me most.
  7. Feeling like how I was in exams =_= btw if you are back but where is Rin? I seriously need to talk to her :V

  8. Yeah me too. I haven't slept in the past week. You?

  9. When I skip sleep in the night I sleep in the afternoon. And I am not sleeping. :/ cuz I'm having nightmares.

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