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  1. How do we know the current season of the anime? I find it weird that Season 24 has over 60 episodes while the other season did not exceed 40. Is the current season really 24?
  2. If you can help, then you can be a big help. :smile:
  3. in that page, France, Spain, Italy, Germany, and Arab World has its own description of Detective Conan. But there are some significant countries missed. Like US, Korea, Philippines, China, etc. I wanted to have each country to get it's own description of Detective Conan so visitors of that page will get a clue of what Detective Conan is doing in other countries. *Like USA numbering of Detective Conan Episodes *Korea's numbering of episodes. *The number of times Philippines broadcasted Detective Conan repeatedly (I'm a Filipino, and I know it was broadcasted more than 4 times). *and many more moderators of site can think of. Hope this request will make the site better.
  4. This is what I wanted to be done. Thanks for understanding it correctly.
  5. I suggest having a page showing Detective Conan on the said countries (in other languages). See this page: (on the See Also) http://www.detectiveconanworld.com/wiki/Detective_Conan There are 19 countries stated (in other languages) but only 5 countries had descriptions on them.
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