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  1. I'm normally not a fan of these kinds of anime, but something about Shokugeki is just oddly... intriguing? I honestly can't put my finger on it, lol. I think it's just the fact that they weaved the fanservice in a way that's actually purposeful. That in itself is already pretty impressive. This show also reminds me of Detective Conan for whatever reason. I think that might be because of the way the students always divulge the secrets to their dishes and explain why their ingredients or approach overshadowed their opponent's cooking. Kinda like how Conan always explains how the culprits screwed up in their murder attempts. I don't watch Yu-Gi-Oh but I can definitely see why you might think that, haha.
  2. I KNOW RIGHT it’s literally food porn personified and every instance I eat food now feels like a meme what is happening to me
  3. the La La Land soundtrack is just too damn good, geezus
  4. DC movies have all been downhill for me, but hey, different strokes for different folks ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  5. I watched these movies a while ago but…………. Spider-Man Homecoming was gr8/8 it had so many overused tropes and dank memes but it was just executed so well end credits scene killed me tho Wonder Woman was ok premise was kinda cliche
  6. thread is dead but I figured I’d update my thoughts on here anyway so I finally got around to watching this movie and I’ve never seen Ran in a more vestigial role. ever. nothing about the movie would’ve changed if the producers took her out entirely ferris wheel design may also be one of the worst feats of “engineering” I’ve ever seen it took every ounce of effort to not burst out laughing in the middle of the night when the announcer lauded that it was the aquarium’s most important renovation everything else worth complaining about more or less stays the same between most DC movies but I appreciate the flashback they snuck in there oh no wonder it’s the highest-grossing DC movie to date lol
  7. School is done (for now) and I finally had the chance to finish Chrono Trigger (which I previously thought would never have the chance to play) and LIMBO. I loved Chrono Trigger for the Steins;Gate vibes and I loved LIMBO for its simplicity and puzzles. Both are fantastic games.
  8. sorry for interjecting, eheh, but yes please finish Steins;Gate. It’s good c: -- One Punch Man was nice. Got a little repetitive at times, but the overall concept of the show is still gold. Death Note was rather disappointing. It’s honestly a wonder why it’s so highly rated. Nostalgia factor maybe? None of the characters were particularly likeable or memorable except L, and even then he was still kinda bland. The concept was alright, and the first few episodes were pretty good, but it was downhill from there. I think my expectations were too high. That’s a shame, because I was actually really looking forward to watching this. At least the ending was okay. It went full-circle, which I can appreciate. But that still doesn’t change the fact that Death Note is a convoluted mess.
  9. Monster "After the game, the king and the pawn go into the same box." It's not a quote from the anime, but it came to mind as I was watching it. Monster is an interesting anime. A lot of emphasis is placed on equality of human life, which can be a touchy subject, but Monster does an outstanding job allowing the audience to formulate their own opinions through the perspectives of the characters. Is every person inherently equal? Should we value the life of one person over another? When there's no surefire indication of the potential each person holds, is it fair to value someone with immense power over a commoner? These are a few of the questions Monster addresses, some of which eventually become the crux of the anime. It spends no time sugarcoating the horrific psychological scars many characters acquire as they ruminate over questions of similar caliber. What made this anime fascinating wasn't the plot but its nonlinear narrative and characters. A sense of foreboding is developed immediately, and pieces of the storyline come together as backstories are dropped left and right. While the purpose of certain characters seem clear at some point, their motives become increasingly blurred as the anime progresses and more is revealed about their past. This is undoubtedly one of its strong suits and why Monster is so captivating. The intricacies of each character truly makes for a brilliant story. Another thing I want to point out is how open-ended the anime is. A lot of what happens is up to interpretation and speculation, which may or may not be to everyone's liking. A solid anime overall, but it isn't without flaws. For starters, it can get pretty predictable. This isn't necessarily the fault of the plot in itself but how it's conveyed. There are certain instances when the anime attempts to create tension but ends up falling flat. It's easy to see through quite a few of these "twists" though it's not a glaring issue. The main protagonist is also far too glorified in the anime. On a similar note, it's understandable that the purpose of the filler was to solidify Tenma's reputation, but it came off as repetitive, and adding so many throwaway characters for the sake of this is overkill. Because Monster is labeled as a psychological thriller, you'd think that the audience would get front row seats to how these massive scandals and manipulations occurred. Nope, the audience is left to grasp at straws wondering how any of this took place. It's a shame, really. With so many holes to be filled, the anime isn't nearly as realistic as it could've been. As a result, much of what happens behind the scenes (or even what the anime blatantly shows you) just comes off as hard to believe and leaves a lot to be desired. And revolving the story around a wild goose chase can get rather stale as well. Don't get me wrong, I still enjoyed Monster, and it honestly blows my mind how all of these events were woven together so intricately. However, that aspect is a double edged sword because it can be somewhat difficult to follow this labyrinthine of a timeline if you're not giving it your utmost attention. That being said, I appreciate what Monster tries to do, but its flaws impeded my enjoyment a bit too much for me to just brush off. ** would recommend Monster to anyone who wants to question their morals, or anyone remotely interested in the history of eugenics Tenma also reminds me of Kiritsugu.
  10. TIL TOBY FOX COMPOSED MOONSETTER?? all these years I never knew :< brb, adding him to list of favorite composers
  11. Psychology is not law. It predicts human tendency. It's far from a definite science. Just because we make predictable choices doesn't mean we don't make choices at all. Is "free-will" not the process of making a decision? Why must it be an illusion? While it's indubitable that we're influenced by factors such as genes and environment, our future is not predetermined. Again, these factors merely influence us and are not the be-all and end-all of our choices. Yes, we are made of matter, but we are also layers of abstraction. There's a lot of gray area regarding consciousness and why we're able to perceive things (though I wouldn't necessarily label it as "hocus pocus"). There are no amount of facts about the matter we're made of that can explain life or what its meaning is. So to answer your question, living beings are special in that sense. erm... a lot more than I'd like to admit -- favorite kind(s) of weather/climate and why
  12. that's a matter of physical properties rather than a decision made by a sentient being it's kinda like how if you add a drop of blue food coloring in water, you can predict that it'll inevitably create an even spread of blue throughout the solution--this is due to the characteristics of the food coloring and water, which are both polar substances, along with the law of entropy, and we know that the drop of blue food coloring cannot choose to stay condensed we, on the other hand, have a choice in whether we would prefer biking or walking to the park -- what are you looking forward to?
  13. seems like a rather cruel way of putting things so no, I'd like to believe that I have a least some control of how I'll go about my life -- what do you live for
  14. In that case, I'd recommend you try reading The DaVinci Code ...on the assumption that you're not a hardcore Christian or anything The thriller aspect of the book is a pivotal component to what made it a captivating read I still have quite a few nitpicks with the story, but this novel should give you the idea that not all thrillers are most effective on the big screen
  15. the forums are functional on mobile as long as you access it through the log-in page instead of the homepage ...or I could be entirely wrong and maybe it actually depends on your phone's browser because I haven't tried this with any other phone browser I can log-in on mobile, but I'm using Safari
  16. for a split second I almost thought that was the second season of PSG and then I remembered that Gainax is a huge troll even though the studios animating the two anime are different, the art style is uncannily similar
  17. damn, I guess 1-2 years really can make a big difference in political stances I agree that the majority of these questions are a bit too open to interpretation, but as far as free internet quizzes go, I still think it's fairly accurate -- Economic Left/Right: -1.88 Social Libertarian/Authoritarian: -2.92 huh, well I'm not too surprised I did blaze through a few questions since I was a bit pressed for time (and only used the strongly agree/disagree option a couple times), but these results seem about right
  18. so, uh...

    1. Kenzi


      oh man, you didn't think I'd forget, now did you?

      I'm posting this a little later than I would've preferred, but I'm just glad that I even have the opportunity to get behind my laptop to post this somewhat on time.

      but enough of that, ahah.

      thanks for putting up with me once again and supporting me from afar even with everything that's been going on lately<3



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      Wahhhhhhhhh oh my gosh, this is amazing!! Goodness Kenzi, you didn't have to go all out like this, considering how busy you are. And don't worry, I didn't think you had forgotten about my birthday at all, ahah. Thank you so so so much! <3

  19. to sum it up -she's flat and predictable -she not as headstrong as she used to be (this is just a personal gripe) -her preachings and remarks about Shinichi are repetitive and tiresome -she is more of a plot device than her own character and acts as a deus ex machina, which is just lazy writing -her role as the damsel in distress in practically every DC movie leaves a real bad aftertaste -she has cried so much that I can't sympathize with her "ordeal" anymore (crying isn't necessarily a bad thing, but geezus, the gimmick gets really old after twenty years) can't really blame her though DC is a more of a whodunit than a plot driven series, so any character development is minimal (if any at all) at best personally, I don't "hate" Ran I just dislike how banal she is as a character since she'd be a perfectly fine person in real life
  20. it's more the fact that updates and plot progression for the series are mind-numbingly slow a lot of threads were bustling with discussion when news about RUM came out; same with movie updates but it's not hard to lose interest in the series after extensive periods of dormancy of course, discussion is always welcome, so don't be afraid to start some new threads or contribute to previous ones since you seem to be rather well-acquainted with this forum so welcome, and enjoy!
  21. the majority of DC movies feature Conan's soccer ball though, lol whaaaa?? now why would you want to spoil the best part of the movie??? :^)
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