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  1. stevenlewis

    Who's better off with Shinichi? Haibara Ai or Ran??

    Yeah... Most of the topics about these stuffs are usually Kudo with either Ran or Haibara. Poor Ayumi... But then, I just fell that Conan only likes his Crush, Ran.
  2. stevenlewis

    What will happen to Miyano Shiho/Haibara Ai?

    What I think will happen is Ai is gonna remain as a child and re-grow up again since she has friends now and the Professor. I dont think she's gonna return to being Shiho after everything she went through when she was in her original body. She might end up with Mitch in terms of who she's gonna be paired with(despite not liking that couple at all). This is what I think will happen.
  3. stevenlewis

    The Secret Behind Vermouth's Youth!

    Support the APTX idea.Maybe it was not stable..and it wasn't stable yet when Shinichi was forced to take pills.Then the story begins..
  4. stevenlewis

    Boss of The Black Organization?

    ahh. I see..his granny, the one who wants a race with the witch haha! ah. yeah, maybe..
  5. stevenlewis

    Boss of The Black Organization?

    well u cant tell right now !!!
  6. stevenlewis

    What is the connection between Gin and Sherry?

    i think that too, but it seems like he now hates her or something... so i am wondering yknow.. *sigh* so confusing
  7. stevenlewis

    DCW Alumni List on Twitter

    I love how most of that list is just me, you, and mbg <3
  8. stevenlewis

    How do to be a real detective?

    How to Become a Detective helped to give many police officers a satisfying career path. It is a way for police officers who have mastered the duties of enforcing the law to specialize in a specific area and enjoy a long career with lots of room for advancement. Although the hours are long, each case provides plenty of opportunity for a diverse experience.