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  1. Well I really don't knkw how to cook... but I know how to make salad xDAnd I can make some cheesesandwiches... Basically simple things and microwave
  2. Waking up and not being able to sleep again though its still early and I am really sleepy
  3. yes you are right. ..my post number is 322 so (1000000-322=999678) the count should be on 999678...999683
  4. Organized my desk which was lef untouched for about 3 years Aaaaaand burned some brownies -.-"
  5. Dear anonymous How can a single paper make me so angry? Why in the first place did you send it?! Sincerely, AA
  6. I can be really annoying... I get angry very fast... And my cooking is toxic xD
  7. Why? You should wake up everyday and smile just because you can, even if you aren't in your best mood. Believe me it makes you feel better Why turn it to a frown? I wouldn't like that if I was around you... because I am that one person who goes around cracking jokes and even making an idiot out of myself to make people smile...So just smile because you know I'm and idiot
  8. I wish to go back and answer the question I forgot to answer in my exam *facepalm* Why do I lose marks in the most idiotic ways?
  9. Brownies (I've tried to bake them for like the thousandth time and I fail every single time T^T.... now I am really craving them)
  10. Hey everyone *waves*..... I am kind of back to being active.... and Ramadan Mobarak to all Muslims :D

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      Ramadan moubarak to all of you!!

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      C O N A N

      علينا وعليك إن شاء الله :)

  11. Ya me too.It was actually a waste of time to watch it :/ Thats why I don't watch Arabic dubbed animes anymore, if I find it interesting I do my research to find it's Japanese name
  12. Eyearthing that you said applies perfectly for my country... so I know how you feel T^T I think you are quite right, but what I remember watching on the TV in Arabic dub was slightly different from the real story. Plus, some of the episodes weren't even aired on it.Laat time I checked, they were on episode 400-ish, and I can't believe how I watched it because nothing about the FBI was even hinted (as I remembered)
  13. I wonder why I can't come up with nicknames neither for myself nor to others
  14. Confessions: of a murder suspect -James Patterson I loved the book only by reading the very first paragraph And it has an interesting story...
  15. Its really weird how you are talking in °F and I'm just sitting here guessing its equivalent in °C xDAnyway I kinda suffer from the same problem at school... in summer the AC breaks down and in winter its on at full power xD I hate it when people are talking around me about things I haven't the slightest clue about
  16. Hello again I am back now with a new drawing But this time it isn't DC related so I hope you like it... This was done 2-3 months ago probably and I didn't have the time to come around and put it up so here you go: I drew it in the physics and computer classes because I was bored xD But anyway this is my first drawing that was purely my mind's creation Though the hair and the hands were edited by a friend and sorry if it isn't do clear Thanks btw... I didn't see it before I really appreciate that you came here and checked them out
  17. Oh I can't wait to see it ^-^I still can't believe you imagined me that way:D
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